Masterpieces from Paris in Canberra

Probably the best exhibition I have seen in Australia (coming from a fan of Vincent van Gogh and Paul Cezanne). Masterpieces from Paris has 9 Paul Gauguins, 7 Van Goghs and 8 Cezannes. So it’s more than one or two good paintings thrown in with a bunch of weaker paintings like the usual “blockbuster” exhibition. The Van Goghs alone are worth making the effort to see the exhibition.Continue Reading

Poppies Blooming Painting

red poppies blooming

Poppies Blooming by famous French artist Claude Monet. Painted in 1873.
In French: Les Coquelicots.
50 x 65 cm or 19 x 25 inches
Oil on canvas
Located at the Musée d’Orsay in Paris, France.Continue Reading