Richard Renaldi’s Touching Strangers

richard renaldi touching strangers

I really like the idea behind these photographs by Richard Renaldi. He places complete strangers together, usually from very different ethnic and socioeconomic backgrounds. His first intentions may have been to show a tenderness and unity between the differences, but we’re a very divided animal.Continue Reading

Jeffrey Milstein’s Aerial Airport Photos

aerial airports of jeffrey milstein

American photographer Jeffrey Milstein is showing at the Bau-Xi gallery in Toronto, Canada from this weekend. He photographs American airports from above in low flying planes, capturing them in all their wonderful detail. The airport’s ugliness is made beautiful in the patterns and shapes framed by Milstein. It’s the nighttime photographs of JFK airport and others where he uses shadows that appeal to me most.Continue Reading

Spencer Tunick on a Swiss glacier

Greenpeace and the New York flesh architect Spencer Tunick are encouraging volunteers to get naked on a Swiss glacier next month. Greenpeace Switzerland has a sign up page here for those that are interested.Continue Reading

Photographer Spencer Tunick in Mexico City

The New York photographer Spencer Tunick recently broke his own record when he encouraged 17,000 Mexicans to take their clothes off and pose for him. That’s a lot of flesh in one place! Continue Reading

Spencer Tunick in Mexico

The American photographer and outdoor installation artist Spencer Tunick is looking for Mexicans that are prepared to jump into their birthday suits for an hour or two on the 28th and 29th of April. The location has not been announced yet, but it will be in Mexico City.Continue Reading

Spencer Tunick Flesh Architecture

Not everyone knows his name, but I’m sure most people know the work of Spencer Tunick. He’s the guy that gets thousands of people all around the world to take their clothes off in public places and pose for him, while he attempts to create his “flesh architecture”.Continue Reading

Spencer Tunick in Venezuela

The American photographer Spencer Tunick managed to get more than 1500 people in Caracas, Venezuela to shed their clothes and pose for him in his latest installation of flesh. (the photo to the left is not of the Venezuelan nudes)
People that pose for the Tunick photo shoots often comment on how free and liberated they feel while doing it. Which makes me think about how much we hide behind our clothes.Continue Reading

Spencer Tunick Nudes in Belgium

Nearly 2000 people put on their birthday suits in near freezing weather recently in Bruges, Belgium for the photographer Spencer Tunick. An estimated 1950 people braved the cold for the sake of art and spread themselves over the ancient cobblestones of the Belgian city, all completely naked. One participant said “It was a good feeling, everybody went naked and there was this sense of togetherness. There was no shame.”Continue Reading