What to do about Art Scams

Recently an artist (Sarah) posted the comment below on this scam artists post from last year.

I am in the midst of the exact negotiations – I have actually received the certified check in the mail, from a person calling herself Nicole Roane. All the other details are the same, except that she says she is relocating to Johannesburg from the Georgia address. I also have a cell phone number for her. Continue Reading

Artwork Needed (by a Scam Artist)

Artists must be getting smarter online and not falling for the email art scams like they used to, because I get very few scam emails from them anymore. The scammers also seem to be getting lazier as they don’t even bother with little details like the WEBSITE of the artist!! Previous art scam emails even had the titles of the paintings that they wished to buy.

Would you buy an artwork from an artist that you know nothing about and don’t even know what their website address is?Continue Reading

Banksy eBay Fraud

The Art Newspaper has reported that employees of the company that authenticates and publishes Banksy prints “Pictures on Walls” (POW), have been selling unauthorized Banksy prints on eBay. Not only have the Banksy prints been forged with a replica POW stamp and fake Banksy signature, but they have also used shill bidding, where the bids are artificially inflated by friends of the seller.Continue Reading

Art Scam Emails

I haven’t been getting any of them art scam Emails lately, but I still get Emails and comments from people that have been getting them, so they’re still at it.

Thankfully they leave enough clues to make it pretty easy to pick them.Continue Reading

George Craige Art Scam?

I just received an email from George Craige gcraige108@yahoo.com and just assumed it was a scam (and am still 99.9% sure that it is), but how would he benefit by using a bank transfer for payment?
I understand that bank checks can be abused (see the previous art scammers post), but I thought a money transfer would of been a bit safer. Perhaps I’m misunderstanding the “Telegraphic Bank Transfer” method that George is suggesting.Continue Reading

Art Scams

I haven’t been receiving any of them annoying email scams from people in Nigeria, China, or Russia looking to buy art lately, but they’re obviously still out there.
Proxima has left a comment here, asking what to do. He has received a check (cheque) for the work, it’s more than they agreed on, he can’t contact the buyer, and now he’s thinking of cashing it.Continue Reading