In the Studio Painting

painting studio

When I restarted Art News Blog at the beginning of this month I told myself that I wouldn’t make it my own personal diary and would just stick to regular art news, but blaaah, where’s the fun in that? There’s a whole bunch of regular art news sites out there doing great jobs and I don’t wish to compete with them. I just post stuff that interests me and my studio interests me! So here’s what I’m doing in the studio..Continue Reading

Painting Music – Top 10 Albums

Music to Paint to

Since discovering the iPod I now rarely listen to whole albums while I paint as I just create play lists to suit my mood. But some albums just play well all the way through so I still use them in the studio.

Here’s Ten albums that have kept me company during the completion of a painting or two..Continue Reading

Painter Riding on the Back of Photographer?

A photographer recently asked an interesting question on an old post called Painting from Photographs.

He asks..

What should a photographer do after receiving a request from a painter who wants to paint loads of his images?

- a fee per image?
- % when painter sells this painting?
- just agreement about a credit line for the photographer?Continue Reading

I Love Painting

Up until a few week ago I hadn’t painted for about 18 months as I didn’t have a studio to paint in. Since being back in the studio and using oil paints I have noticed that I used to take painting for granted. I used to just do painting and not realize what a special privilege it is to be doing something that I love doing so much.Continue Reading

Famous Singers that Paint

Lauren Cochrane is thinking about singers and their art. Asking if we would take any notice if they wern’t already famous..

Lauren mentions the works of Pete Doherty that he made with his own blood and Paul McCartney’s expressive figurative paintings.Continue Reading

Lucian Freud the Great

I think it’s safe to say that Lucian Freud is the greatest living painter of the figure. Even his bad paintings are better than the best work of most other artists.

If you don’t think Freud is the greatest, you may still find the way he works fascinating.

He recently finished painting the 26 year old art handler for the Victoria & Albert Museum, Ria Kirby. It took 16 months of sitting for the artist, 7 nights a week, for 5 hours each night, and the sitter only had 4 nights off during that time. That’s more than 2,400 hours of sitting, or in this case lying down.Continue Reading

Paul Ruiz Paintings

Anyone interested in expressive figurative paintings might find the work of Paul Ruiz interesting. His charcoal drawings are impressive too. Theyre very Frank Auerbach (filled with emotion and almost carved out of paper)Continue Reading

The Painting Process and the Still Life

Karl Zipser has added a new section to his art blog called Follow the Painting, where he and the artist Hanneke van Oosterhout go through the different stages of creating a painting.Continue Reading