Some Super Famous Paintings

list of famous paintings

Since moving Art News Blog over from Blogger to WordPress I have been busy working out how all the buttons and dials work. One option my new WordPress theme offers is a portfolio feature. I figured out how to use it and have started to create a list of famous paintings. Continue Reading

Famous Artist Tattoos

famous painting tattoos

Looking through the search terms from a couple of weeks ago I started thinking about tattoos. I want to start looking at different arts, getting out of my comfort zone and exploring a bit more. My comfort zone is expressive painting and drawing, it’s what I love and know, but really, my taste is so ridiculously broad that you could almost say I have no taste.Continue Reading

French Artist Bernard Lorjou

I like discovering interesting artists that I have never heard of before. French artist Bernard Lorjou (1908-1986) is one of them. I still don’t know much about him but I like his work.Continue Reading

Meat and Vegetables

I have been grocery shopping and brought home some meat and vegetables.Continue Reading

Most Influential Work of Art

Newsweek has asked the question; “Which Is the Most Influential Work of Art Of the Last 100 Years?” Possible answers they offered were..

A. Black Square by Kazimir Malevich
B. ‘One (Number 31) ‘ by Jackson Pollock
C. ‘Fountain’ by Marcel Duchamp
D. ‘Campbell’s Soup Can’ by Andy Warhol
E. ‘Les Demoiselles D’Avignon’ by Pablo PicassoContinue Reading

50 Works of Art to See Before You Die

Jonathon Jones of the Guardian is putting together a list of 50 great works of art to see before you die. He has started with a list of his 20 favorite art works and is asking readers for their suggestions.

My contribution would be Self Portrait in the Studio, by Brett Whiteley, in the collection of the Art Gallery of NSW in Sydney.Continue Reading

Thomas Kinkade to Paint Elvis Presley Mansion

The painter of pretty cottages, patriotism, and religion has turned his hand and paintbrushes toward the American icon of ELVIS. Thomas Kinkade, or the Painter of Light™ has painted a sketch of Graceland and now plans to do a finished studio work in time for an upcoming anniversary of Elvis Presley.

It will be a commemorative work to be released next year, around the time of the 50th Anniversary of Elvis buying Graceland and the 25th year of Graceland being open for public tours.Continue Reading

The Triumph of Painting – Saatchi Collection

“The Triumph of Painting” exhibition from the Saatchi Gallery is opening another chapter of its six part showing, at the Leeds City Art Gallery (running from the 25th of January through to the 12th of March).

“The Triumph of Painting showcases an international line-up of contemporary painters and sets out to show how today’s artists, and audiences, can still be intellectually and emotionally engaged by a form of art (painting) often declared defunct and outmoded in a technological and digital age.”Continue Reading

Saatchi’s Triumph of Painting

Contemporary British art collector and gallery owner Charles Saatchi has cleared out his dead sharks, cow heads in glass, dirty beds, and anything of a conceptual nature, to replace them with good old fashioned paintings on canvas, hanging on walls, and sometimes with frames on them.Continue Reading

Picasso painting found under Picasso painting!

Something many struggling artists resort to.. painting over old paintings.

Hidden Picasso goes on show

“A “secret” painting by the young Pablo Picasso was unveiled at the Guggenheim Museum in Bilbao yesterday after experts found it hidden beneath layers of paint on another of his canvasses.Continue Reading