Funny Animal Portraits

zoo portraits by yago partal

Some of these creations by Spanish photographer Yago Partal are much more successful than others. The Zoo Portraits project humanizes animals, making a cow look less like beef and a pig look less like bacon. I think we’re meant to relate to the animals, but it’s just as much about smiling too. They’re fun. Their outfits generally match the character of the animal.Continue Reading

George Bush Paintings

george bush on the leno show

President George W. Bush was recently on the Tonight Show with Jay Leno to talk about the opening of the Bush library and to give the talkshow host a portrait painting. Apart from finding it funny that George W. Bush would open a library named after himself, I found him to be quite charming.. just as many mass killers are. Here’s some funny comments from the last Bush paintings post I made..Continue Reading

Dog Portrait Photography

dog portrait photography

I love these dog portraits by the German photographer Ralph Hargarten. They look very human. He sets them up to be photographed like he would do people and then seems to capture the dogs with very human expressions. The pug dog below is a classic. Pugs are real characters.Continue Reading

George W. Bush Paintings

president george bush art

After looking at the Paul Bremer paintings yesterday I thought I might have a look at the paintings of George W. Bush today. The Bush paintings were released to the public after a hacker called Guccifer hacked into the president’s email account and then posted the pictures online. The hacker has probably done Bush a favor as his paintings have generally been well received. They show a human side to a man that has killed so many innocent people.Continue Reading

Noble Pet Portraits

For the pet lovers amongst us, I have found a way to glorify your pet and give your friends something to giggle about when they come over. The Italian pet portrait painter Daniela Ria offers a service that nobelizes your cat or dog.

So you can turn a mangy mutt into an Aristodog or your soggy moggy into a Noblecat!
Enhancing their unique characteristics, she interprets animal faces like respectable diplomats, gracious damsels, solemn generals, elegant duchesses, boastful ambassadors, fine countesses, fat merchants, delicate ladies, distinguished gentlemen, and magnificent leaders.” Noble PetsContinue Reading