Jeff Koons Whitney Retrospective

jeff koons whitney museum

It’s cold, windy and miserable here in Australia today so I’m going to complain about the Jeff Koons retrospective at the Whitney Museum in New York that everyone is fawning over. On a good day, a more optimistic day, I would probably notice all the positive things about the man and the art as he is a great success. Obviously there are different flavors of success, but the success that says the money value of a thing is a measure of it’s true worth says Koons is the most successful artist alive. Other flavors of success that don’t take money into account could paint Koons as a complete and utter failure, but I think he’s somewhere in between the two extremes.Continue Reading

Heide Hatry Not a Rose

Heidi Hatry at Stux Gallery

I only know of Heide Hatry through her pigskin portraits of people. They were fascinating and intriguing but also weird and a little bit ugly. Her new work at Stux Gallery in New York is delicate and very beautiful, but still gross! Those delicate looking flowers are actually dead animal parts.Continue Reading

Pig Skin Portraits by Heide Hatry

I knew there was something strange about these portraits when I first looked at them but I just couldn’t figure out what it was. I thought the eyes had a realness about them that is hard to create, which turned out to be partly correct.

The artist Heide Hatry created these weird little creations with animal skin and body parts. So the eyes are real, but they’re real pigs eyes. The lips are raw flesh and the skin is from a pig.Continue Reading

Adel Abdessemed’s Don’t Trust Me Exhibition Cancelled

The San Francisco Art Institute recently cancelled an exhibition by the Paris based artist Adel Abdessemed called “Don’t Trust Me”. The controversy surrounding the SFAI exhibition involves 6 looped videos of animals being hit in the head with a sledgehammer. The animals being killed include a sheep, pig, horse, goat, deer, and ox.Continue Reading

Pig Art or Pigasso Paintings

Coxsoft Art has pointed out some hot new art talent in the United Kingdom. The artists reside at the Pennywell Farm in Buckfastleigh and are working to raise money for the Farm Crisis Network charity. Child prodigies must be looking over their shoulders now as these pigs could be serious competition.Continue Reading