Post It Notes Art

Over at the MadSilence blog there’s a post about using Post It notes as a medium. There’s a Post It note covered apartment (pictured to the left), a Post It note covered car, a flaming phoenix, and the Ray Charles portrait that I mentioned last year.

I do like Post it notes but my desk is so disorganized I can never find them, so I usually use the piece of paper closest to me to write my message down.Continue Reading

Post It Notes and Marketing Art

Neatorama mentioned a story over at CNN about 19 year old David Alvarez. He has created a portrait of Ray Charles with more than 2000 colored Post-it notes.

“He spent three months constructing the mosaic, sometimes sacrificing schoolwork for his art. At least one of his papers for his summer English courses suffered, but he persevered so that he could participate in an art show.” CNN ReportContinue Reading