Artist Royalties

There has been more talk of an artists royalty scheme in Australia, where artists (or their family if they are dead) receive a small percentage each time their work is resold in the future.

The Sydney Morning Herald says “It (the government) is determined to introduce a resale royalty scheme this year giving artists a percentage of the sale price whenever their work is sold. The details have yet to be finalised but some industry bodies have called for a flat rate of 5 per cent on all sales and for the royalty to apply to all works sold for more than $500. That would mean an artist who sold a work 10 years ago for $500 could reap up to $10,000 if it was sold again for 200,000.”Continue Reading

Royalties on Resold Paintings

The Australian artist Hazel Dooney has published an interesting post about the royalties that artist should or shouldn’t receive when their works are resold by collectors. She mentions a painting that she sold when she was just starting out for $300, which would be worth nearly $30,000 now.Continue Reading