Tracey Emin Bed Sells for Millions

tracey emin dirty bed for auction

The dirty, unmade bed with yellowing sheets by British artist Tracey Emin has sold for £2,546,500 or $4,351,969 USD (including buyer’s premium) at a Christie’s auction in London. I already had my fun with the Emin bed last month, so I’ll keep it short. My Bed, the iconic, controversial work from 1998 more than doubled the auction estimate by Christie’s, but I’m not surprised at all. I thought it could have made much more than it did.Continue Reading

Tracey Emin’s Used Bed For Sale

tracey emin dirty bed for auction

Christie’s will be selling British artist Tracey Emin’s dirty unmade bed at their upcoming Post-War and Contemporary art auction in London on the 1st of July. It also comes with yellowing bed sheets and pillows, her dirty panties, several empty bottles of vodka, used condoms, an ashtray, empty packets of cigarettes, various pills and tablets, an old pair of slippers, an old newspaper, a belt, some luggage, and a reputation that should see the iconic work reach more than $2 million dollars!Continue Reading

Gargbage as Art

Here’s a video from a television show in Australia called the Chaser’s War on Everything. I started on YouTube looking at a song (Tom Waits – Hold On) that was recommended to me and an hour later I was still looking through videos!Continue Reading

Painted Cans

A group in Spain are asking artists to send in painted beverage cans to be published in a book and exhibited in Madrid. Entries close on the 31st of October 2008 and the project is open to artists worldwide.Continue Reading

Anselm Kiefer Work to be Removed

In Connecticut, a collector of the German artist Anselm Kiefer has been ordered to remove an outdoor sculpture by the artist.

The 2002 work called “Narrow Are the Vessels” is 80 foot long, 6 tonnes in weight, and consists of 17 pieces of concrete.Continue Reading

New York City Rubbish Art

When I first saw Justin Gignac’s New York City rubbish in a box for sale I thought it was funny. I thought some more about it and thought it was silly. But after doing even more thinking and after having a look around his website, I now think he’s pretty smart.

Most artists could learn a lot from Justin’s website and how he markets his art or rubbish, depending on which side of the fence you sit. Rubbish won’t sell itself, just like most paintings won’t sell themselves. They’re products and people need to know why they should hand over their money for the product.Continue Reading

Rubbish of Francis Bacon Sold at Auction

The Francis Bacon rubbish that I mentioned earlier has sold at auction for almost 1 million pounds. The studio waste from the artist was kept for nearly 30 years by an electrician (Mac Robertson) that did some work for Bacon.Continue Reading

Francis Bacon Rubbish to be Auctioned

From the photos that I have seen of Francis Bacon’s studio, I thought he never threw anything away. But an electrician that did some work for the artist in 1978 was lucky enough to rescue some Bacon junk from a skip.

After keeping the Bacon stuff for thirty years, Mac Robertson has decided to sell them. The things that Robertson collected from Bacon are expected to sell for up to five hundred thousand pounds.Continue Reading

Anish Kapoor Art in the Bin

An art collector of the Indian born British sculptor Anish Kapoor was recently awarded £350,000 in damages after an art storage company mistook a work for rubbish and threw it away.

Ofir Scheps left the 1984 sculpture “Hole and Vessel II” with Fine Art Logistics Ltd of London. Scheps paid £20,000 for the Anish Kapoor work in 2004, but the value of the artist’s work has increased dramatically in recent years.Continue Reading

How auto-destructive art work got destroyed too soon

Oh, it’s a sad state of affairs when the lines between art and junk are so blurred that cleaners are throwing out the art! Gustav Metzger had a part of his artwork thrown out at the Tate museum recently when a cleaner mistook a bag that was part of his installation as a piece of rubbish. Continue Reading