Beautiful Death – The Catacomb Saints

skeletons with jewels

How much cooler are these dead saints covered in bling than Damien Hirst’s diamond skull? The 400 year old skeletons were dressed up and decorated by churches and distributed to other churches and monasteries throughout Germany, Austria and Switzerland. They’re each dressed as a particular saint but the skeletons didn’t necessarily belong to anyone of any great religious importance. The jewels, costumes, armor and other bling were meant to represent the heavenly treasures that awaited the faithful in death. I would much prefer my gold in this life ;-) Continue Reading

Anthony Lister at Olsen Irwin in Sydney

anthony lister exhibition in sydney

The last time I mentioned Anthony Lister on Art News Blog I stopped posting for 3 years. I’m hoping that doesn’t happen again as I’m enjoying being back, it’s good therapy. Anyway, he’s showing at Olsen Irwin in Sydney at the moment.Continue Reading

Patricia Piccinini at Roslyn Oxley9

Patricia Piccinini is currently showing a bunch of weird and wonderful things at the Roslyn Oxley9 gallery in Sydney. The show is called Related Individuals and closes on the 6th of December.Continue Reading

Thirsty for Hirsty

I know I probably mention Damien Hirst more than any other artist, but it’s because he makes more news than any other artist. The man is a marketing genius.Continue Reading

Damien Hirst Levi’s Jeans and T-shirts

I love and hate Damien Hirst in equal portions. I love the marketing genius that the man is, but I also dislike him for similar reasons as he has made art all about business. Only a (starving) fool would ignore business altogether in art, but I still find myself clinging to a romantic art that is above money and press releases. There’s all kinds of art though, so I probably admire Hirst more than I dislike him.Continue Reading

Damien Hirst Diamond Skull Sells

Damien Hirst’s diamond skull (For the Love of God)has reportedly been sold for $100 million. The buyers were an unnamed investment group, which doesn’t surprise me at all.

The BBC says that the investment group “planned to re-sell the artwork at a later date. Hirst also retains part-ownership.”Continue Reading

Diamond Skull by Damien Hirst

I mentioned the Damien Hirst diamond encrusted skull being made before, but now it’s finished and being exhibited at the White Cube gallery in London.Continue Reading

Damien Hirst’s Diamond Skull

The contemporary British artist Damien Hirst is working on creating one of the most expensive works to be created. The work will be a life sized skull cast in platinum and then covered in diamonds.

For the Love of God” will cost up to $18 million to create and will have as many as 8500 diamonds stuck to it.
“The biggest expense will be the fifty-caret beauty that will sit on the forehead. That one alone will cost in the region of three to five million pounds. It is certainly the biggest single undertaking by a jeweler since the Crown jewels.” Damien HirstContinue Reading