Val Nelson at Bau-Xi Vancouver

val nelson in canada

I have a thing for paintings that look like paintings and interiors.. which are really just big still life paintings, so you can see why I would like the work of Val Nelson. Photographs of the same interiors would probably be rather dull and boring but the lovely brushwork and energy of the paintings bring them to life. The images with cars in them are much less appealing but who cares when the rest are so lovely!Continue Reading

Cup of Coffee

coffee painting

I painted a few cups of coffee last year because I really like coffee! I’m now trying to quit the stuff, which is probably why I’m looking back over my coffee paintings. This is about the 5th time I have tried quitting coffee and I really have no faith in my ability to stop just yet. That sweet smelling bean keeps calling me back. Continue Reading

Anthony Lister at Olsen Irwin in Sydney

anthony lister exhibition in sydney

The last time I mentioned Anthony Lister on Art News Blog I stopped posting for 3 years. I’m hoping that doesn’t happen again as I’m enjoying being back, it’s good therapy. Anyway, he’s showing at Olsen Irwin in Sydney at the moment.Continue Reading

Giorgio Morandi at the Metropolitan Museum of Art

Giorgio Morandi is currently showing at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City. If I was stranded on a deserted island and was allowed to take any 10 paintings with me, a Morandi still life would definitely be one of them.Continue Reading

Emily Patrick Exhibition

The English artist Emily Patrick has some impressive paintings online here. They’re impressive in an understated way. The paintings are mostly small, color is used conservatively, and the subjects include things like clumps of grass, eggs, and tree leaves.

But they’re paintings that cannot be mistaken for anything else. She’s a painter that loves paint and doesn’t mind letting the paint overpower the subject.Continue Reading

The Painting Process and the Still Life

Karl Zipser has added a new section to his art blog called Follow the Painting, where he and the artist Hanneke van Oosterhout go through the different stages of creating a painting.Continue Reading