Painting Studio of Australian Artist Angony

artist studios

I started posting artist studios about 5 years but then abandoned the blog. Seeing the painting studio of Australian artist Angony posted on his facebook page just recently made me think I should start posting them again. His workspace really does have a lot of character. I love how studios say so much about the person working in them. Some are clean and surgical, others messy and comfortable, just as their artists are. And a studio is never really complete unless it has a resident cat or dog. Angony’s studio assistant is the French bulldog Leon ;-) Continue Reading

Painting Music – Top 10 Albums

Music to Paint to

Since discovering the iPod I now rarely listen to whole albums while I paint as I just create play lists to suit my mood. But some albums just play well all the way through so I still use them in the studio.

Here’s Ten albums that have kept me company during the completion of a painting or two..Continue Reading

Damien Hirst Slaughterhouse

Neighbors of a proposed Damien Hirst studio in Stroud, Gloucestershire, UK are not happy about the artist’s plans. He has already been given permission to build an “art gallery, workshop and center of excellence”.

The problem is that he also plans to build an “abattoir rail” and “fish preparation area”. So his neighbors are petitioning to have his plans stopped.Continue Reading