Most Popular Art Museums in the World

The Art Newspaper has released their annual list of the most popular art museums in the world, with the Louvre in Paris coming in first place with an estimated 8,300,000 visitors.

The most popular exhibition was at the Tokyo National Museum in Japan which attracted more than 10,000 people each day. It was more of a single painting than an exhibition, which makes the figure even more remarkable. Leonardo da Vinci’s painting “Annunciation” was loaned by the Uffizi gallery in Florence.Continue Reading

Louvre Abu Dhabi

The Louvre is selling the use of its name to Abu Dhabi for $520 million. The building will cost a mere $108 million to build, but to slap the Louvre name on it, Abu Dhabi will have to part with more than half a billion dollars!

Is a name really worth that much? I can understand a cola maker wanting to use the Coke name or a shoe maker wanting to use the Nike name, but how does a museum justify paying $520 million to use the Louvre name?Continue Reading

Louvre Museum in the United Arab Emirates

The Art Newspaper has reported that the Louvre museum is in talks with Abu Dhabi officials in regards to opening a museum in the United Arab Emirates.
I wonder if the UAE Louvre will also have no nudes like the planned Abu Dhabi Guggenheim?Continue Reading

The Mona Lisa Smile

I could really relate to this article below on the Mona Lisa at the Louvre. I’ve never enjoyed the big block-buster exhibitions where you have to squeeze through the noisy crowd for a quick glimpse of a painting. They’re so claustrophobic and impersonal, and not unlike trying to meditate in the middle of a busy highway. The best thing about them are the catalogues in the museum stores, where you can take them home and view the works in peace. (Going to them at unusual times or when there is something else more important on, and fewer visitors is another option).Continue Reading

Mona Lisa Painting

Mona Lisa by Leonardo da vinci

Mona Lisa or  La Gioconda by Leonardo da Vinci. Painted in 1503–1506.
77 x 53 cm or 30 x 21 inches
Located at The Louvre in Paris, France.Continue Reading