10 Famous Black Paintings

ten famous black paintings

In the name of balance and harmony it’s only right to do a list of ten famous black paintings today! Gallery owners will tell you that darker paintings are generally harder to move as a product but we artists seem to do as many black paintings as we do white paintings. With not much more than a color change we move from the purity and light of white to the somber, serious, and melancholy suggestions of black. Lets start with the most famous of all famous black paintings: Goya’s black paintings.Continue Reading

10 Famous White Paintings

white artworks by famous painters

I was just thinking about the painter of black, Pierre Soulages and then started thinking about white paintings. I do admire artists who latch on to one color, one topic, one style and run with it their entire career, but I also wonder why they would choose to do such a thing. Is it the money, the lack of imagination, fear of change, or an obsessive compulsive thing? I like chocolate but I wouldn’t like to eat chocolate and nothing else for the rest of my life. Anyway, I went looking for white paintings.Continue Reading

10 Crowdfunding Sites for Artists

crowdfunding or crowd sourcing websites

Did you know that the video game called Star Citizen raised more than $40 million from crowdfunding? One part of the money was raised using Kickstarter and the other independently on their own website. Quite a few crowdfunded projects have raised more than a million dollars but there must be thousands of small projects being funded as I’m forever seeing campaigns pop up on my facebook feed and in my email inbox. Artists are in on the action too. We’re funding books, exhibitions, travel, and all kinds of other wacky things. Here’s a list of 10 crowdfunding websites (there now seems to be hundreds of them out there!).Continue Reading

Biggest, Best, Weirdest, and Most Important Lists of 2007

I really can’t believe that the end of the year is here already, but I can’t argue with the calendar. I think the earth might be spinning faster each year as the years seem to keep getting quicker!

Anyway, this is the time of the year that the media tries to sum up what has happened in the past 12 months. Rather than putting my own list together, I have put a list of lists together. Most are art lists, but some have very little to do with art..Continue Reading

ArtReview’s Power 100 2007

ArtReview magazine has released their annual Power 100 list of important people in the contemporary art world.

The first four influential arts people on the list are the same as last year and Damien Hirst is the first artist to appear (6th), followed by Jeff Koons (13th) and Richard Serra in 19th position.Continue Reading

Do or Die List for Artists

I recently posted a list of tips for artists by Robert Genn. He was talking about coaching for artists and suggested a few things that could help an artist.

In the comments, Karl said “Dion, this is the feel-good list. I want to hear the real in-the-trenches do or die list.” So I thought I might try and add to the list. It’s not a serious list that an artist should live by and it’s not a complete list, so please do add to it or criticize it by leaving your comments (and I might repost a more complete list if some good tips are added)Continue Reading

Top 10 List of Top Tens

Some day I will create my own lists of top ten everything as people seem to find them interesting. Until then I thought I would share some top ten lists that others have put together. I like a good list.Continue Reading

My Favorite Artists

The Australian blogger Darren Rowse has a list writing project going, so I thought I would do a list of my favorite artists and why.
It’s hard to narrow it down to just a set list of artists as I have been influenced by so many artists over the years. I also fall in and out of love with particular artists, but a certain few always remain close to me.Continue Reading