Knitted Sweaters for Trees – KnitKnot Tree

Sheep have wool to keep them warm during the cold winter months, but what about the trees? How do they keep warm? Until now they had to just shiver through winter, but now they can also keep warm with wool.

The Knit Knot tree on Xenia Avenue in Yellow Springs, Ohio is getting a lot more love from passersby since covering up with a multi-colored, knitted tree sweater.Continue Reading

Grow Your Own Furniture

This story reminded me of the “draw your own furniture” post earlier, and to a lesser extent, the “drawing trees” post.

Cristopher Cattle in the United Kingdom has come up with a way to train trees / plants to make furniture for you. He has an online guide showing how to make a stool from 3 Sycamores. It’s not as convenient as popping into your local furniture store for a few stools, as it takes about five years to grow into a strong enough stool. But it’s a pretty cool combination of craft, art, and nature.Continue Reading

Tree Drawings

You may have heard of elephants or monkeys drawing, but what about trees drawing? The British artist Tim Knowles attaches pens to the tree and lets the wind do the rest of the work. They produce some interesting results too.

The exhibition catalogues sums it up like this..Continue Reading