New Van Gogh and Not a Van Gogh

I mentioned this Vincent van Gogh painting last year when experts were unsure about the authenticity of the work. It turns out that it isn’t a Van Gogh painting, nor is it a forgery.

“Gerard Vaughan, insisted after tests by the Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam concluded the oil-on-canvas work was not painted by the Dutch master, as believed. But Dr Vaughan made the point that it was not a forgery. “There is no evidence to suggest that someone produced this picture at a later date to pass it off as a work by Van Gogh.” Sydney Morning HeraldContinue Reading

The Yellow House Painting

the yellow house vincent van gogh

The Yellow House or Vincent’s house at Arles by Vincent van Gogh. Painted in 1888.
The original French title of the painting is “La Maison et son entourage, La Rue”
72 x 91.5 cm or 28.3 x 36 inches
Located at the Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam, the Netherlands.Continue Reading