10 Crowdfunding Sites for Artists

crowdfunding or crowd sourcing websites

Did you know that the video game called Star Citizen raised more than $40 million from crowdfunding? One part of the money was raised using Kickstarter and the other independently on their own website. Quite a few crowdfunded projects have raised more than a million dollars but there must be thousands of small projects being funded as I’m forever seeing campaigns pop up on my facebook feed and in my email inbox. Artists are in on the action too. We’re funding books, exhibitions, travel, and all kinds of other wacky things. Here’s a list of 10 crowdfunding websites (there now seems to be hundreds of them out there!).Continue Reading

Midphase Review – Web Hosting

Midphase web hosting reviewYou may have noticed that Art News Blog was offline quite a bit over the past week or so. Thanks to the lovely people over at Midphase.com for suspending my account three times and a big thank you to the tech support people at midphase hosting.. for your excellent impersonation of a brick wall. I seriously couldn’t pick the difference (I have spoken to more responsive brick walls).

The official reason for Midphase suspending me was the “amount of CPU and/or memory resources used by your account” and they said they want to help me “track down the cause as quickly as possible.” It’s more than a week later and they still haven’t found the “cause” of the problem.Continue Reading

ArtReview Magazine Gone Web 2.0

The ArtReview magazine has gone all interactive online with their new ArtReview.com beta. I haven’t joined their new online community or spent much time on it yet, but it seems to be a more serious attempt to embrace the Internet than any of the other websites owned by major art magazines.

Throwing up pdf files of the printed magazine and charging fees that come close to the cost of the magazine in the newsagency has been the norm for most art magazines around the world. So it’s refreshing to see something different.Continue Reading

Why Do You Do What You Do?

I came across an interesting site that asks people why they do what they do? It’s called Why Do You Do What You Do? or just WDYDWYD?.

People are photographed (or drawn) while holding their answer on a card in front of them and they’re published on the website.

It kind of reminds me of the Post Secret website, in the way that it is driven by people and our interest in people. Everyone has a confession to make and everyone has an opinion about what they do in life, so there are a lot of people wanting to be heard and a lot of people submitting their 2 cents worth.Continue Reading

Download Google Earth

The past few days I have been completely addicted to Google Earth. It’s free to download and is probably the most interesting thing I’ve ever done online!
The faster your internet connection, the better the experience, but it would be worth waiting for on dial up too.Continue Reading

Web Hosting Fun!

I’ve been having web hosting problems the past few days. So Art News Blog is currently being hosted on my friend’s account while I get a new account set up with a NEW host!
So if anybody has sent me an email the past few days, I won’t receive it. I still haven’t set up my email yet as I plan to move the site in the next day or two to another hosting account.
If you’re looking around for a new web hosting company, save yourself some stress and avoid using affordablehost dot com. I used to recommend them to friends until new owners took it over, which is something I now regret!

On a more positive note, I love Yahoo Hosting because it’s always online, and MidPhase hosting is also reliable and offers some good affordable hosting plans.

Update: Midphase hosting WAS good once upon a time. See my newer Midphase hosting review!