Art is Everything

big tits - art is everything

I have been helping a friend move house all day, which is the closest thing I have come to a holiday in a long time now. While packing one of the rooms I discovered this wonderful ready-made work of art. I called it “Big Tits” and tried to convince my friend that it’s a masterpiece. He wasn’t hearing it though, sticking to his opinion that all artists are weird and full of it ;-) Continue Reading

Why do we Make Art?

I sometimes wonder why? What’s the point? Why make art at all?

It’s usually only after days like today, days that are physically, mentally and emotionally draining.

Everything will be alright tomorrow.

Why do we Create Art?

About once every 12 months I wake up and there’s a giant WHY? in front of me. It follows me around until I give it enough answers. Sometimes it’s hard to make WHY? go away, while other times I just laugh and the intimidating three letters and a question mark runs for it’s life!Continue Reading

What is Art?

It’s a question that has been asked since we first started creating art: What is Art? I think most people agreed that hitting animals in the head with hammers is NOT art. So, what IS art? Lets see what the animals have to say about art..Continue Reading

What Is Art? What is an Artist?

I have been thinking about the word “artist” and what it means to be one. Obviously it’s a person that creates art, so why do we have to still get into debates over whether a person is an artist or not? Why do some people still believe that only the chosen few should have the title of “artist” stamped to their forehead?

The confusion naturally leads to the word “art” which is probably where all the mix-up starts. If a person has his/her own definition of art narrowed down to include pretty paintings and realistic sculpture, they may not classify a lot of artists as “artists”.Continue Reading