Damien Hirst Production Line

I find it interesting that a backlog of about 200 works by Damien Hirst can be news. He’s the closest thing we have to a Britney Spears in the art world, with the media looking for any excuse to publish a story on the man (I realize I do it too). All the art world needs now is some art celebrity sex tapes and some police mug shots of artists that have misbehaved. I would probably subscribe to an art gossip magazine if it was cheap.Continue Reading

Adolf Hitler and the Chapman Brothers

Brothers Jake and Dinos Chapman have added some psychodelic rainbows and and hearts to their Adolf Hitler paintings that they bought at auction for £115,000 and are now selling them for £685,000. The paintings which will be sold as one work is called “If Hitler had been a Hippy How Happy Would We Be”Continue Reading

Diamond Skull by Damien Hirst

I mentioned the Damien Hirst diamond encrusted skull being made before, but now it’s finished and being exhibited at the White Cube gallery in London.Continue Reading