Shepard Fairey Wine Label for Kenwood Vineyards

Two wonderful things coming together; art and wine. Street artist and Barack Obama supporter Shepard Fairey has created a wine label for the Kenwood Vineyards in California.

I must confess that I spend a lot of time looking at wine labels (and consuming wine responsibly), but I see very few wineries turning to fine artists for their wine labels. I always thought wine and art were a wonderful mix, so it seems natural to commission artists for wine labels.Continue Reading

Great Painters also Suck

Some of my favorite painters are also some of the painters that have produced the ugliest paintings I have seen.Continue Reading

Hunter Valley Winery and Nelson Bay Photos

It’s good to get away from everyday life once in a while, even if it’s just for a couple days and not too far away. There’s not much art news in this post, but I felt like posting some photos.

At the end of last week I went on my own mini wine tour in the Hunter Valley, which is less than 45 minutes drive from where I am now. The Hunter Valley is best known for its Shiraz and Semillon wines. I then went to a place called Nelson Bay, which is also about 45 minutes from where I live, but close to beaches and the ocean.Continue Reading