And, umm.. Lucian Freud Interview

Easily the best living painter in the world.. in my humble opinion.

Before seeing or hearing Lucian Freud speak I thought he might be a more forceful person. I figured that the man would have been much less delicate than he is in person as his paintings are so strong and self assured.Continue Reading

Paper in the Wind

Simple, everyday things amuse me. For example, a piece of paper blowing in the wind..

It was made by Sydney based artist Gary Deirmendjian.

1. a wondering through city fringe laneways;
2. a scrap of paper torn from a nearby skip;
3. a breeze; and
4. a pocket camera aimed with the hope of catching something interesting.Continue Reading

Graffiti Animation by BLU

Here’s an interesting video that combines graffiti and animation. They don’t sound like two art forms that would easily go together but BLU proves that they do happily mix. He has some more graffiti or urban art on his blog here too.. very impressive stuff.Continue Reading

Sigur Ros Video – Heima

YouTube is a ridiculously addictive waste of time, yet I keep going back. Not everyday, just when I want to hear a band, singer, or when someone sends me a link and says “you must see this.” But when I do go to YouTube I keep jumping from one video to the next, until I realize that hours have passed and nothing constructive has been done on the PC.Continue Reading

Scaremongering Czech Artists – Ztohoven

A group of 6 Czech artists that call themselves Ztohoven face possible prison time after being acused of scaremongering and propagating false information. In June of 07 the group hacked into a Czech Republic television tower and replaced images of a live weather broadcast with a nuclear explosion going off in the Czech countryside.Continue Reading