Artwork Needed (by a Scam Artist)

Artists must be getting smarter online and not falling for the email art scams like they used to, because I get very few scam emails from them anymore. The scammers also seem to be getting lazier as they don’t even bother with little details like the WEBSITE of the artist!! Previous art scam emails even had the titles of the paintings that they wished to buy.

Would you buy an artwork from an artist that you know nothing about and don’t even know what their website address is?

Here’s a recent email..

Subject: artwork needed……………
Email: Hello
my name is JOHNSON MARK i will like to purchase some of your artwork for my parent wedding anniversry that is coming up very soon. i will like to inform you that i will be making payment through cashier check if this is accepted by you please kindly get back to me with your website address so as for me to choose the item needed by me.
Johnson mark

I know I have mentioned email artist scams a few times before, but artists that are new to the internet still fall victim to these people. Emails and comments on the older posts compel me to keep mentioning the art scams as they do help artists.

Here’s some older posts: Art Scam Avoided, Scam Artists, Art Scam Emails, and Art Scammers.

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  1. Yeah this scam is as old as dirt. Back in the 80s I was selling tee shirts through ads in Rolling Stone and other magazines. I got an order from Africa, with check enclosed for 100 Tees. I was smart enough to wait for the check to clear, it never did was written on a closed account, before I even printed the shirts. With email I have been offer fortunes if I could just help get the money to the USA, via my bank. I always wondered if you set up a bank account just for scams, and they made their initial deposit as they some times do to get you hooked for the big bucks, and watched it for their activity, if you could scam the scammers. On the other hand all of these scams has watered down sales via the internet because who you going to trust.

  2. I’ve gotten emails like this forever. I even got one on ebay one time. I still get them, but they aren’t about art, usually say that a relative I didn’t know I had died and some bank has been searching for their relatives to give you millions of dollars and just so happens that that relative is me. and the one about the lottery in some foreign country or email address lotto, it’s all a scam. The only one I fell for was in regular mail, I even called the number on it, and someone answered, although it wasn’t the bank, lol, I waited for the shopping job check to go through ok, it didn’t, and the bank I had at the time, us,
    closed my account, and said I was trying to defraud them, charged me a lot of money, turned me into some kind of fraud list, what a crock of shit from the US bank, after, at the time, had just came back from OIF 3 and part of 4, They said I should have know better, well, I called the so called bank number that the check was drafted on, it wasn’t the bank, I didn’t spend the money, and I paid the bank a lot of fees, Not again. I would do much more research than calling a phone number to verify a check before I tried to deposit it if I wasn’t sure if it was real. It was even on the local news, there were so many people that were falling for it, luckily I only had my reputation tarnished by the US bank, and only had to pay them a lot of fees, much for than the 25 dollars, I thought I would have to pay if for some reason it was bad, and closing my account, and reporting me for fraud when I was the one who was defrauded.

  3. The following is a new scam I received today. It’s from a Raymond Hyslop

    My daughter’s wedding ceremony is around the corner and i made some findings on the Internet and came to conclusion that your painting services will be needed. My name is Raymond Hyslop based here in the state, I’ll like to know if you could provide me a painting to be presented to her as her wedding is around the corner (21st May,2008 ) In replying to this message, please provide answer to the following question in other to be sure of your availabiliy

    Where are you Located?
    How long have you been in the artwork business?
    What is your estimate for a painting of say 24 by 20 whether acrylic ,oil, water or any form basically any impression?

    I will appreciate your quick response to my request. Please realize that I am a very busy person and will appreciate your quick response. Thank you and have a wonderful day, hope to hear from you.


    Raymond Hyslop
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  4. Anonymous says:

    We just received this same SCAM email…I had never heard of itbefore, so I googled Raymond Hyslop, and here is the Blog!!
    I thought there was something curious as the English and wording were very strange…thank goodness I looked here first before replying to this Creep….

  5. That’s excellent anon.. if more artists just did a quick google search for some of these poor excuses for people there would be fewer being ripped off.

  6. Anonymous says:

    I just received this exact email from Raymond Hyslop. Mine however was tailored to my career as a make-up artist and my services were requested for travel to “his compound” for his daughters wedding, all expenses paid, including airfare, accomodation/hotel etc. He asked similar questions about duration od my career etc. He also asked for a quick response, as he said he was a very busy man. I googled him and found this blog!

  7. lol Did it look like this?

    My daughter’s wedding ceremony is around the corner and she with her friends made some findings on the Internet and came to conclusion that your services will be needed. My name is Raymond Hyslop based here in the state, I’ll like to know if you will be available for the wedding ceremony which has been slated for the 17th of June 2008. In replying to this message, please provide answer to the following question in other to be sure of your availability and conveniences for the ceremony.

    Where are you Located?
    How long have you been in the business of make-up/ Hair/photography?
    What is your estimate for make-up/ Hair /photography for her (make-up and other accessories ideal for wedding)
    Are you ready to travel by air or commute? Please note that all flight, hotel and any other expenses will be paid in full prior to your arrival.
    Do you need to have a look at the pictures of the bridal train with my daughter so that you can be sure of their skin complexion and possibly come-up with a very fantastic make-up for them?

    Its an in-door wedding and the venue will be right here in my compound, your services might also be needed for touching up of the make-up till the end of the ceremony which will take approximately 5hours starting from 12.00noon and ends at exactly 5.00pm. Please note because my daughter have chosen not to have anyone Local to handle her make-up/ Hair/photography as she want to stand distinct among her friends so I will appreciate your quick response to my request. Please realize that I am a very busy person and will appreciate your quick response. Thank you and have a wonderful day, hope to hear from you.


    Raymond Hyslop

  8. That’s interesting anon.. I wondered if they moved from industry to industry or just stuck to one. I guess it’s better business to cover more bases and scam all industries.

    And thanks for sharing Yooni. The more people that know about these guys, the better!

  9. Wow, I wish I had googled this first – it came through my event planners website as a referral. The email Raymond Hyslop (and Ian Hyslop) used was What is the scam? Is it connected to the cahier’s check they promise to send?

  10. Anonymous says:

    This same scam almost happened to me. The buyers name was Robert Cole. He gave me a Wisconsin address but said he’s moving to the UK. He had a yahoo address.

    His email is .

  11. Hi, We’ve just been approached by this Robert Cole, but not about my wife’s art. He approached us on the pretext of wanting to buy one of my antique cars. It appears he’s branching out and broadening his scam categories. Gandcross

  12. I am a professional fine art painter,
    and I just got the same scam, from the same looser scammers ( they no doubt found me from my domain
    site, )
    - see the scam email below-


    I will appreciate if you could send me 3-5 images of either a Landscape or Impressionist or figurative painting of any colour within the price range of between $500-$1,200. I will appreciate your swift response to my e-mail, hope to hear from you soonest.


    it was also from “Raymond Hyslop [”
    god! how stupied do they think we are?

  13. I just got the same email fro Raymond/Ian Hyslop. Good thing I googled his name and found this website. Thanks for the info!

    “Hello, I will appreciate if you could send me between 3-5 images of either a Landscape or Impressionist or figurative painting of any colour within the price range of between $500-$1,200. I will appreciate your swift response to my e-mail, hope to hear from you soonest.

    Raymond Hyslop”

  14. Ray sounds like he has been a busy boy over the last couple of weeks. I wonder how successful he has been in defrauding artists.

    I’m glad that artists are waking up to these poor excuses for human beings.

    There’s a list internet scammers here that I have started compiling too.

  15. Anonymous says:

    Look what I received from the same guy! Is he okay?? so creepy!!!

    Good morning to you, hope you’re having a lovely weekend? I hope that my painting has been packaged and ready for shipment? Lest i forget, i will appreciate if the shippment will be done with insurance added to it to avoid damage in transit.

    In regards to payment, please expect that on Monday as it was sent in an envelope with the name and address written on it as you have suppplied.I do hope to hear from you soonest and before then have a wonderful and lovely weekend.


    Ian Hyslop

    Wedding is Inevitable in the Life of Our Children

  16. Just dont cash the cheque/check or money order when it arrives and dont send the artwork and you should be fine anon.

    Tell him you want to paid through and he’ll run away.

    His weird “Wedding is Inevitable in the Life of Our Children” line is there because he also tries to rip off make-up artists, telling them to come and be the make up artist at his daughter’s wedding or something along them lines.

    They do it to anyone with a product or service to sell.. not just painters.

  17. Anonymous says:

    This is another address to ship the print besides the Connecticut address.
    I have gone to the FBI site and registered him at the Internet fraud site. If enough of us do it, maybe the slimebag will get caught.
    His other address…

    Raymond Hyslop or June August
    PO Box 160
    North Hampton, NH 03862

    I was actually mailed a check for more than my print amount, and he wanted the difference sent Western Union before the check cleared. I think that’s how the scam works in finality. I can’t believe people fall for it.

  18. Yeah, that’s where the money is made Anon. And Im sure they get a lot more people than we realize.

    I wouldnt waste too much time in hunting him down though as they seem to operate outside the law. I have heard from people in the USA, UK and Australia trying to get the authorities to do something about them and none of them have had any luck. It’s frustrating, but there isnt much else to do if the authorities won’t act.

    The best way to stop them is to let people know how they work. Anyone that knows about them can easily see what theyre up to.

  19. Anonymous says:

    I think this ass found me through a new page on facebook. He is using the name “Peter Spadling” and approached me about doing make-up for his daughter’s ‘weeding’. His grammar was off, as was his concern for the happiness of his daughter ‘alicia’. I’m glad I checked on the email addy directly through Yahoo…nothing showed up with Google.

    PETER SPADLING is a new alias, apparently. What an ass! As someone else wrote, he asked me about my make-up services, fees, travel, ect. It looked suspicious but fairly convincing. Wow.

  20. Wowwww!!!!!!!!!!!! I just fell on that. I am a starting makeup artist and ‘Peter Spadling’ sent me a message and he said he wil pay for all the expenses,flight,services,everything..for his daughter “Alicia”‘s wedding and I gave him the address that he could send the check to. It was just weird how the check never got to me.
    I just don’t know how the scam is going to be here. It suckssss though,how people will take advantage of people who is trying to success in their careers!`

  21. This is what he wrote:
    “Hi There,

    Good morning to you over there, please i’ll like to know if you will be available for my daughters make-up on her wedding day. The wedding has been stated for 12th of November,2008 at 25 Hill Street, 2nd Floor, Torrington, Connecticut 06790 at my place of residence. I wish to know how much you charge for the make-up and if there are other services which you render aside make-up.If you are fine with travelling, then flight expenses to and fro will be taken care of inclusive other charges you may wish to put forward. I will appreciate if you could get back to me as soon as possible in other to discuss the issue further. Thank you and have a great day.

    Regards “

    from an

    after I answered,he wrote from:

    “Many thanks for the availability of that very day the 12th of November,2008. It’s a very unusual day for weeding butn the date was choosen by the couples and i have little or nothing to say in regards to that issue. Alicia my daughter with 3 of the Bridalmaid will be interested in the make-up and hair done, they have decided to choose you based on friends friends recommendation.

    I have argued with them to have someone Local but they insisted your service is what they need , well fine. I will go ahead and have her wish satisfied considering the fact that after 12th of November, i dont have to spend anything on her anymore.

    I enjoin you to go ahead and find from your Local Flight Agencies the Cost of Ticket from where you are to Bradley International Airport, at Connecticut. Once you have an idea of the flight, i may then go ahead and Schedule a pick-up from the airport, Certainly my driver will do that. The Ceremoney Starts at 2.00pm and ends at exactly 6.00pm. Please get back to me with this findings in other to know the way forward.



    I asked for a contact number and he gave me this : 978-204-1770

    The contact number is 978-204-1770 at the moment, the Line is temporarily out of other. Anything we receive calls from it’s always going to a different numbers and anytime we dial out same things happen but this has been reported and they promised to get it fixed this week.

    I will be travelling out of the country sonest to invite some friends and relations who are dear to us for the weeding, but this journey should not take more than 5 days at the most but i’ll always keep in touch via e-mails okay. Do have a great sunday, remain blessed.”

    It suckssssssssssssssssssssss

  22. It sucks Anon, but it’s not uncommon. These guys still make these offers because they keep making money from it.

    It’s the same with email spam, if people stopped by their products, we would stop receiving spam as they would be out of business.

    Thanks for sharing.

  23. I just received a request for a painting to go in an office from a Peter Spadling. Thanks to all of you, I did not fall into the trap. I also just called the 978 phone # listed and spoke to a nice woman who was shocked that her number is listed here. The creepy thing is that I am a fledgling artist in only a few shows and I was emailed on my personal website which is not listed on my art website/ biz cards. Good luck everyone, Laura

  24. I too, just received an e-mail from Peter Spalding. He wanted to buy a painting. I told him that before I started work on it, he needed to send me $1000 money order. Today I received a $2000 money order from him and am going to take it to my bank to see if it is for real. I sounds like it isn’t and if I cash the $ I will be in big trouble, because it will bounce? I wish I could catch him and teach him a lesson.

  25. Why waste your time taking it to the bank Anon? You must have a lot of spare time.

  26. I am a professional artist and i was googling for something else and I came here.

    I am so surprised! Do those people think that, as artists, we are empty heads? :-o

    I have never received any of these scam emails but thank you guys for posting them here, so we can know what there is on the market !

  27. Hi, I’m a photographer from Mexico, and today i’ve recieved a letter from some Steven Pallin whom saids that he has a wedding, but something make me search info about him and i’ve arrived to this page…

  28. I too received a request for art from this person Steven Pallin today!!! How pathetic people can be to do this. How stupid!

  29. My company received a request for sculpture from Steven Pallin. He picked stuff off the website and signed a proposal. This week a check arrived from Europe and it was almost double the amount that was asked. The whole thing seems very fishy. Would love to know what his scam is!!! Below is the first email he sent me.

    Hey There,

    Just moved into a new apartment did some search on-line and came across your.I am considering decorating the wall along the stair case with either a painting, ceramic or sculpture. The wall where the item will be hanged is already painted with my favourite coluor ( Cream ) so the displayed item have to be catchy. Am considering a price range of between $900- $1,500 for this commission.

    Conversely, most appreciated if you send me a link to your website again or attach and send to me some of the images ( between 3-5 ) of work you may recommend so that i can choose. My address is 1017 Oneida st. Fort Wayne,IN 46805. Your swift response will be appreciated.

    Your’s Sincerely

    Steven Pallin

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