Auction of Weird at Christie’s London

christie's out of the ordinary auction

Christie’s South Kensington in London will hold an auction of weird and wonderful things on the 5th of September. Out of the Ordinary is a one off auction with lots that include everything from Napoleon death masks and a piece of Queen Elizabeth II’s wedding cake, through to pinball machines and cave bear skeletons.

I’m thinking Christie’s will be surprised by how many weirdos and freaks there are out there and make it more than a one off auction. Or at least I hope that’s the case as I do like odd stuff.

francis bacon paint brushes

Eight Francis Bacon paint brushes in a butter beans can. Estimate of $31,060 – $38,825.

pinball machine

A pinball machine made by Bally has an estimate of between $7,765 and $10,871.

extinct birth feathers

Eight feathers from extinct birds. They include the Carolina Parakeet, Huia, Paradise Parrot, the male and female Passenger Pigeon, Eskimo Curlew, Ivory Billed Woodpecker and the Great Auk. They’re estimated to sell for between $7,765 and $12,424.

buffalo horn chairs

A pair of groovy Buffalo horn and leather chairs. They look great but they’re a little morbid for my liking. They’re estimated to sell for between $3,106 and $4,659.

dinosaur auction

One of the more expensive lots is this Triceratops skull which has an estimate of between $232,950 and $388,250.

bearded woman painting

What would a weird auction be without a bearded woman?! A bearded lady holding an ostrich feather fan was painted by Hélène Detroyat of France. Estimate of between $4,659 and $7,765.

See more weird stuff at the Christie’s Out of the Ordinary auction page here.

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