Australian Aboriginal Art Auction

Australian Aboriginal art jumped in value this week with a Sotheby’s auction in Sydney that got bidders excited.

The painting to the left is called Warlugulong and is by the Aboriginal artist Clifford Possum Tjapaltjarri. It sold at auction for $2.4 million, which is almost $2 million more than the artist’s previous record of $411,750.

aboriginal art auction

There was a number of records broken on the night, including the record for the total sold at an Aboriginal art auction, which was $8,207,940.

The Most Successful Aboriginal Auction in Australian History
“Sotheby’s broke the record for Aboriginal art at auction, set more than twenty new individual artists records, including Clifford Possum. This historic auction reconfirms Sotheby’s position as Australia’s leading auction house and the respect for which the field of Aboriginal art is viewed both in Australia and internationally.” Art Daily

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  1. the art is the beneficiary in this auction at the australian center. we should promote more such auctions to find out more people who enjoy art

  2. considering that most Clifford Possum works would have originally been purchased for a few thousand dollars max, 2.4 million is a phenomenal price

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