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The internet is great for making the world much smaller than it actually is. An artist living in a backward little country town with no art gallery can get his/her work in front of the biggest art dealers in the biggest art capitals of the world.
Anyway, what I’m trying to say is that I plan to post small lists of artists by country that I come across online. I’m starting with Australian artists because I’m biased.. and Australian ;-)
Some are more famous than others, but they’re all interesting artists..

  • Patricia Piccinini – Contemporary artist making weird little creatures, installations, and prints.
  • Anthony White – Stock market investor that became an artist and started painting money.
  • Edwin Gardiner – Australian painter influenced by Asian philosophies and Taoism.
  • Brett Whiteley – Studio of the late, great Australian painter in Sydney.
  • Leith O’Malley – South Australian figurative painter and fellow red wine drinker.
  • Ken Done – Sydney artist famous for his bright colorful paintings and prints of Sydney, Australia.
  • Caroline Magerl – Contemporary Australian painter and illustrator painting figurative works.
  • Hazel Dooney – Fine Australian artist creating mostly figurative paintings.
  • Dion Archibald – Me tooting my own horn :-P

I’m sure I will think of some other great Australian artists after I post this, but this is a start. (feel free to add your link in the comments if you’re an Australian artist or know of a good one).

About Dion

Australian artist and observer of things.. all kinds of things. I like a wide variety of art, from the weird and wonderful to the bold and beautiful.. and everything in between.


  1. Dion some names I am already familiar with but would like to thank you for bringing others to my attention that have escaped me before. Australia is growing more and more with amazing artist. Thanks for sharing some that you know of.

  2. yoo hoo, what a great list, will spend time going to each one. By the way did you know I am from Newcastle, the English one? which make me a Geordie of course :)

    have a good one

  3. what a great list of artists. Leith’s work really resonated with me and then when I saw his “Basquiat” I knew why. I love Basquiat for the reasons he outlined. Edwin Gardners work has a beautiful quietness about them, and so painterly,love them.
    I like your Turkish works, espcially “bazaar”. “Mosaic”is fabulous. I really like your still life paintings.

  4. Yeah Leith rocks. Basquiat is pretty cool too.

    And what list would you go on Jafabrit, the English or American one?

    There’s so much art online and so many great artists out there. I love that about the internet.

  5. oh! well err. hum I guess american since I live here permanently. cool I am gettingon a list. :) big grin.

  6. I am an emerging artist from Brisbane Australia. loving Hazel Dooney’s blog at the moment :-)

  7. True Sue, its a good artist blog.
    She makes it interesting enough to want to bookmark it.


  8. Dion, what a great idea and a great service to the thousands of relatively unknown but exceptionally talented Australian Artists. I have recently launced an online gallery that I’m sure you and many others will be interested in seeing. At the moment I only have a handful of Western Australian artists but this will grow in time. The site is Keep up the good work.

  9. Looks good Lance. Good luck with it.

  10. Might also be worth checking out RedBubble, a free aussie community site that helps artists display and sell their work online. It’s growing really quickly, with hundreds of members and thousands of images on display only a few weeks after launch.


  11. Hi everyone, I am looking for an artist called Yannick Collingwood who was based in Kuranda, Nth Qld. I brought some art work from his shop three years ago and i am trying to get hold of some more. Any idea’s were i could get some as his web site does not seem to be on line anymore.

    Many thanks


  12. wonderful list. i know leith well, he is one of the best contemporary south australian artists. you could include great australian painter charles blackman.

    my official website:


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