Australian Surrealist Painter James Gleeson Dies

Last week the Australian surrealist painter James Gleeson passed away at the age of 92. Gleeson has been exhibiting in Australia for more than 70 years.

Whilst surrealism was never my favorite ism, I liked how James Gleeson didn’t feel it necessary to change like fashion. He found a certain way of painting that suited him and explored it all his life.

James Gleeson
Born 21st of November, 1915
Died 20th of October, 2008

“I’ve never accepted the external appearance of things as the whole truth.. The world is much more elaborate than the nerves of our eye can tell us.” James Gleeson Quote

james gleeson

james gleeson

james gleeson

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  1. Can’t say it is my cup of tea either, but like you I admire those who stick to honing their craft and need to express as they see fit.

  2. i fully enjoy the way you find the positive in life —-++>>::OO

  3. I first saw Gleeson’s work in the flesh when I was 18. And his work is to date, some of the most incredible painting I’ve ever seen. Raw, oozing, deep, scarred, sacred, scared, intense, sublime.

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