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It’s places like Bee’s Knees that make me think art is so freaking great.. the art and the people wash away all my misanthropic thoughts for the day. I’ll watch the news or see a politician later and all the old thoughts will come flooding back of course, but for now, I love people and art. Bee’s Knees is a small group of turned on people working with autistic artists to create original ‘masterpieces’ to sell online and at various markets and galleries. All the profits then go towards art supplies and some ‘totally rad adventures’ for the artists.

I had to smile at the artist profiles on the Bee’s Knees website here. They’re so refreshing and honest compared with the usual artist statements of today. Things like “I am so beautiful and I like everyone around me” and “I want people to know that I am really nice and that I have a beard and a mustache” are so much easier to read than things like “My sculptures explore both the flux of transfixable signifiers and their complimentary anecdotal formations.

Their own descriptions of their art are just as awesome as their artist statements.

ghosts paintingGhosts painting by Chris.
“I made this masterpiece about ghosts because ghosts are scary. Also, I like using white paint.”

artist artist paintingI Love You painting by Allie.
“I love hearts. I was thinking about my mom when I made this piece. My mom helps me do everything. I love her.”

computer paintingOut of Memory painting by David.
“I like this one. When the computer runs low on its memory, it will slow down.”

autistic art numbersCount Numbers painting by Ashley.
“This masterpiece is about numbers because I like numbers.”

Find out more about Bee’s Knees at their website here. You can commission them to do work for you or just buy one of their already completed masterpieces. News of their ‘totally rad adventures’ and various other happenings can be found on their Facebook page here.

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  1. Bees Knees just confirms art is every where inside you.

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