Baby Tattooville Art Retreat

I have always thought of art fairs as money events rather than art events as it’s all about selling and making commercial contacts. If I had to organize an art fair, I would first doubt the sanity of the person that put me in charge, but then I would try and put something together like Baby Tattooville.

baby tattoovile art event

It’s an annual event where a small selection of artists and art collectors spend the weekend together. 50 tickets are sold which gives you access to the event, the artists, accommodation for the weekend, talks, demonstrations, and “surprise collectible gifts.” There’s also art for sale, but it doesn’t seem to be the main reason to go to Baby Tattooville.

Some collectors may just want art to hang on the wall and have no desire to learn anything about the artist, but for those that want to get to know the artist behind the art, this is a good opportunity.

The 2008 artists include Ana Bagayan, Glenn Barr, Dave Cooper, Bob Dob, Joe Ledbetter, Brandi Milne, Daniel Peacock, Shag, Amy Sol and Michael Whelan.

Their blurb seems to explain it better than me.. “Baby Tattooville provides a unique opportunity for a small group of celebrated artists and serious collectors to spend time together in a relaxed yet creatively stimulating environment. Without the time constraints of a typical personal appearance, or the crowd control issues of a standing-room-only event, artists and collectors will have a weekend-long opportunity to discuss and explore their mutual interests. Original work will be created and celebrated around-the-clock. No one will leave empty handed. Only 50 event packages are being offered.”

Tickets are $2000 which also includes the hotel room and a goodies package. The Baby Tattooville art retreat is held on the weekend of October 3-5, 2008 at Mission Inn and Spa, Riverside, CA, USA. There’s currently 16 tickets still available. Find out more on their website here.

About Dion

Australian artist and observer of things.. all kinds of things. I like a wide variety of art, from the weird and wonderful to the bold and beautiful.. and everything in between.


  1. Wow-
    This looks like fun. Thanks for posting this. I won’t make it, but something to maybe save for next year.

  2. Donald Frazell says:

    Not my thing, close to me as Riverside is only about an hour from the LBC, but illustration is cool. Here is more, from Riverside Musuem and ArtSlant

    September Exhibition Openings:
    Beyond Baby Tattooville
    Vonn Sumner: The Other Side of Here
    David Leapman: Compliant Keepers
    Selections from the Permanent Collection

    Riverside Art Museum
    3425 Mission Inn Avenue, Riverside, CA 92501
    Contact: Micah Carlson, Marketing Coordinator
    Phone: 951.684.7111, ext. 312 ●

    Beyond Baby Tattooville
    September 4 – October 25, 2008
    Reception: October 4, JMS 5 – 6pm, Public 6 – 9pm
    Members Gallery

    In conjunction with Baby Tattooville 2008, Beyond Baby Tattooville presents artwork by over a dozen artists loosely tied together in the ambiguously-named “pop surrealism” or “lowbrow” art movement. This originally underground art movement formed in Southern California in the 70s and 80s and has roots and influences from punk music, comics such as R. Crumb, hot rod art, and various other underground subcultures, in addition to surrealism and figurative art. After being largely ignored by many traditional fine art institutions, including museums, this movement has recently been getting its due. Some of the most notable artists of this scene are a part of the show, including Glenn Barr, Dave Cooper, Bob Dob, Joe Ledbetter, Shag, Amy Sol, Michael Whelan, Tara McPherson, Lola and many more. In addition to the exhibition, the Baby Tattooville 2008 event will be held at the Mission Inn Oct 3 – 5. More information can be found online at A reception will be held on October 4, with many of the artists in attendance. This exhibit is a partnership between RAM and Bob Self of Baby Tattoo along with Billy Shire Fine Arts in Los Angeles.

    Vonn Sumner: The Other Side of Here
    September 9 – November 15, 2008
    Reception: October 4, JMS 5 – 6pm, Public 6 – 9pm
    Bobbie Powell Gallery

    Vonn Sumner is a painter and a founding member of the artist group Pharmaka that runs a non-profit exhibition space in downtown Los Angeles devoted to the advancement of contemporary painting. He coordinated several shows at Pharmaka and is a regular contributor of criticism and reviews to Artillery Magazine. He attended the University of California at Davis, earning both a bachelor’s degree in art and an MFA in painting. Upon graduating, Vonn moved to New York where he painted and worked for galleries and museums, including the Guggenheim Museum. He uses a highly idiosyncratic style of painting that is both recognizable and enigmatic. Handmade props, hats, and original characters populate his canvases creating a theater of the absurd, all juxtaposed with the cool emotional distance of the subject pressed into the forefront of the painting. When presented with the choice of how to react in their absurd and strange world, they choose madness, weirdness, freedom. While the final products are oil paintings, there is an element of performance in his process: dressing up in costumes, staging photo shoots, using images of actors and performers. Vonn has exhibited regularly since 1997 and shown his work internationally. In 2003 he was a featured solo artist at the Scope Art Fair in Los Angeles.

    Selections from the Permanent Collection
    September 9, 2008 – January 3, 2009
    Reception: October 4, JMS 5 – 6pm, Public 6 – 9pm
    Mezzanine & Lobby

    RAM received a number of important donations of artworks to our growing Permanent Collection in the past year. This exhibition of Selections from the Permanent Collection will unveil some of these new artworks, in addition to spotlighting some of our other outstanding works that haven’t been exhibited recently. In particular, a variety of previous exhibited works from last year’s large donation of artworks from Beverly & Stuart Denenberg will be highlighted in this exhibition.

    David Leapman: Compliant Keepers
    September 9 – November 15, 2008
    Reception: October 4, JMS 5 – 6pm, Public 6 – 9pm
    DeVean Gallery

    David Leapman was born in London, UK and studied fine art at St. Martins School of Art, Goldsmiths College and Chelsea School of Art. He has exhibited nationally and internationally since 1981. His solo shows include the Ikon Gallery Birmingham, Todd Gallery, Hales Gallery and Beaux Arts in London.

    Leapman exhibited in the Venice Biennale, represented Great Britain at the International Festival of Painting and has shown work at the ICA and Serpentine Gallery in London. Leapman also won the John Moores Award, Britain’s oldest and most prestigious painting prize. His work can be found in many public and private collections around the world and is currently represented by Beaux Arts London.

    This is Leapman’s first solo show in Riverside and it gives him an opportunity to show some of his key images: Box Man, Trier testers, Existence harness, Burden and the Petal thinkers. The show’s title is indicative of his aspirations for his images; these characters have a connected history and are searching and journeying.

    Leapman’s paintings begin life as small gold line drawings on cream paper, the first of which was made on January 1st 1983. His work grabs the viewer’s attention quickly with unusual materials, such as mirror flake, cristalina, diamond dust and interference pigments.

    For nearly twenty years Leapman frequently visited California, ultimately settling his family in Riverside in the summer of 2007. Leapman’s RAM exhibition is in partnership with La Sierra University and the Brandstater Gallery where he will have a solo exhibition from October 13 to November 3.

    About the Riverside Art Museum
    The core mission of the Riverside Art Museum (RAM) is to exhibit, educate, collect, and provide scholarship relative to the visual arts; it is the largest visual arts museum serving the Inland Empire exhibiting a wide range of work with an emphasis on American, Californian, and prominent Inland Empire artists. RAM offers a diverse range of exemplary art exhibitions, educational programs and community outreach events.

    “In the past year, the Riverside Art Museum has made a major commitment towards providing more diverse and cutting-edge exhibitions and programming for the region,” Foster says. “For example, we mounted a major installation of Barry McGee and Clare Rojas in the spring. This summer, we’ve exhibited Shepard Fairey, Skullphone, and other important young, contemporary artists. And, this fall we will present a significant installation project by Jeff Soto, who participated in Baby Tattooville last year.”

  3. I would like to see a similar thing happen with different groups of painters; realistic, expressive, abstract, etc..

    Have a bunch of reasonably well known painters, along with one super-famous painter and it would create a lot of buzz.

    How quickly would the tickets sell if Lucian Freud was one of the painters doing demonstrations? I know you probably wouldnt buy a ticket Donald.. lol.. but I would quite happily sit in a plane for 20 hours to get wherever it was held ;-)

    I would like to see Gagosian put one together using his little stable of artists. Some of the dead artists on his list would be interesting to spend a weekend with too.

  4. Donald Frazell says:

    What are you doing up so early?
    No, I wouldnt pay to talk to people, I would pay a reasonable amount $20, to see a show of their best paintings. I am too grumpy to get along with anyone, and dont consider someone who has produced great art necessarily a person I would want to get to know. Maybe . but its a weird artifical situation. Not comfortable. Artist on display. Cant stand performance “art”.

    Lots of great people in the world, just becaue you are an artist doesnt not make you one of them. Aholes produce great art too(trying to break into that category) Advice isnt necesarily relevant, especially as we live in different times and places. Producing things that have the solidity of feel, of life to them as those who have produced before is what I want to do.

    My boy Cezanne was a grumpy old fool. Weird and bad with women, I really cant relate to that. Wouldnt destroy anything I thought about his work, I always say art must stand alone from the artist, who is no more relevant than anyone else. Art is its own visual langauge, we must all produce our own, AND make it alive. Hell, I might even like some of these contemporary guys as people. Still wouldnt make me think kindly about their work.

    Sorry to have betrayed you, messing with people ar myartspace, you know how I like to provoke people(Definitely in the Ahole category)
    Get back to bed, isnt it like 6am there?

  5. I never sleep Donald.. too much to do ;-)

    And yeah, artists are weird, but that’s why I like us. If we were all polite and socially acceptable I would be hanging out with some other outcast group. I would probably be creating my own conspiracy theories and trying to undermine the government if I didnt have art and weirdo artists to chat with.

    I really like hearing about other artists.. how they deal with creating.. with success, failure, and their latest ideas. I’m not a very talkative person in general, but I love talking with creative people.

    I agree that the art should stand up for itself though, independent of the artist.

    Also I havent spent much time exploring myartspace.. but have visited the site a few times. I just wish God would hurry up and fulfill my request for 30 hour days.. I sent Him my request ages ago.. He must be busy too.

    I can imagine youre getting up the noses of people though Donald.

  6. Donald Frazell says:

    I check on some of these people who have blogs, waiting to write on Hellys site, and followed Balhatain to his. Since they have you as a link, I thought they must be alright. Besides, I write when slow at work, but dont want to drive everyone off a site because of my contrary and vicious attitude. So spread my venom among the many. As many as I can. Maybe its my therapy, art isnt. Helps to clarify certain ideas too, while I work out real things on canvas.

    Starting from the beginning, the human figure, and working my way outward. Just letting it come this time, not forcing it. Letting the world form what I do. Trying to keep my personal life out, always have. My wife makes a great model, but doesnt want others to see her. Told her no one would know, paintings lots of women, and some men, using various shades of brown, and they might not know which is her. simplify the forms in the complex ones, relate to the surrounding, which is just as important as the figure.

    But I dont find many artists can deal with my bad attitude. Everything is so damn PC here. No one wants to rock the boat, lots of asskissing. Art is far too tame, or just silly in trying to get attention, too needy. Almost always missing the point, which is what art schools have done, defanged art, so its safe for the rich and not a threat.

    So you looked up delenda est? Goes to Pliny the Elder, who warned of the arising of Carthage after their defeat, Hannibals loss, in the second Punic war. This lead to the third and final war, where Cartago was completely destroyed, not just made to submit. Carthage was a Semetic city, and empire. Created by Phoenicians. And Romes rival for centuries til their destruction. History is my first love, not to learn names and dates, but to understand why we are the way we are. Take nothing for granted, all is because of waht has come before us. We could easily be much different. One must know oneself before one can understand the world, but the other way around too.

    Nothing is separate, which is why I hate schools. Schools build walls, separate things, and people are too dumb to understand this. All is one. Categories are just ways to store information, you cannot just study one thing, to know it. Which is why I study Mediterranean history. The center of three continents, and the roots of us.

    Byzantine my main focus, hardly
    anyone in our contries know anything about the late Roman Empire, the Byzantine, and how we have been shaped by it, and the interraction it had, especially with Islam. And how the Mongols probably would have conquered all of Europe, they had just wiped out the Hungarians when Genghis died and the sons went home to battle for the throne. But Constantinople to the south kept them at bay, and Islam from running over europe. And how those two then focused on India instead.

    Sorry, you think I am bad with art, you should hear me about history, and therfore politics. Always wanted to be secretary of state, no way would we have gotten into Iraq, but would have bin Laden by now. I know those countries history, and how Saddam had already been defanged. The first gulf war was necessary, he wanted to control oil and be king of the Arabs, the new Caliph. Dangerous, for the whole world, as gas prices would have been far higher than they are now long ago. He didnt hate us at all, but wanted our money.

    sorry, there i go again, do have to get to work I guess. sleep well.

    Art academia delenda est

  7. Donald Frazell says:

    Sent a long reply earlier, too damn slow here at work I guess, but didnt show. Followed Balhatain over to his site, and as they had you linked, figured they must be OK. Gotta spread my venom out so as not to scare off the delicate ones, find artistes here are so PC and scared of real controversy its why I cant find a decent gallery to save my life. At least here in LA. Signed on at art slant and art scene, get daily updates on gallery, horrified by whats out there. Can only console myself by the fact that britains is so much worse.

    Trying to find French and Italian sites, do you know how? Always have though I would do better amon my peeps, the Frenchies. Even though I keep on getting Frazell as Scottish, related to Fraziers and frizzells, one of the few true things my father said was they were from southern France, Napoleon and Oscar Frazell coming here at the turn of the century, got it in writing from my grandmothers will, dirt farm in Texas. Apparently Frazelle originally. Maybe Cezanne was an ancestor?

    But French these days are so damn flaky, turned into their god awful music, instead of like their painters, who were always outcasts at first, then finaly accepted in old age. Happens with most artists, other countries like you better, upsetting too many traditions in the mother country, even though they are really continuing them in updated ways. Gonna try harder to view Continental art, but hate this internet stuff, drives me nuts. Too old at 49 I guess for new fangled ways.

  8. Yeah, I had to put comment moderation on for now as I’m getting a few too many hate comments. Quite a coincidence after just posting the art scammers post. So that’s why your post didnt show up straight away like usual Donald. I’ll probably turn it off again soon though as I would prefer it the old way.

    You should become an expressionist for a few months if you don’t find art making theraputic Donald. Stop thinking and just attack the canvas. It’s an emptying experience for me.. a flushing out of the crap that society fills me with.

    And yeah, I don’t mind venting or ranting of any kind on the blog. I just don’t allow filthy language or name-calling. It’s not because I don’t use either myself in day to day life, but because students and teachers also visit the site.

    Yep, I looked up delenda est. You sound like you would be a walking talking history book if we let you To be honest, I only ever became interested in history and geography because of art. It is fascinating though to see how we get from one point to another.

    I spent quite a bit of time in Turkey too.. which is like sifting through a giant history book.

    I’m more interested in observing today though. There’s some fascinating stuff happening around the world today. Look at politics, the environment, the media, money, energy, war, religion, culture, and society. History is happening now. There’s a lot going on.. a lot of it is scary.. some should be embarassing to the human race.. but it’s all interesting.

    I cant think of any French or Italian websites. The language thing is the problem.. which is why I’m bringing in a one language policy when I become leader of the world. One language, One god, no religion, and no flags. Our IQs would instantly rise by 25% and war would decrease by

  9. Donald Frazell says:

    Sex is my release, nothing better, expecially when you please your mate. Now THATS power.

    When you learn all those things you things you mentions from our past, you can almost predict the future from our actions. Human dont change that much, THAT you learn from history, though people do gotta know we are at peace far more than anytime in history. Less torture, fewer lies and stupidities, but still plenty to go around. And the stakes are much higher.

    I predicted a government in Iraq hostile to us in five years from our invasion, we had no history with Iraq, unlike Iran, so no built in hate like they have against the british and Turkey. Now they do.

    We did such a bad job settling things down thre with too few troops to secure peace, its behind by a year or two, but now they are about to kick us out. Though the Sunnis fear this. And Iran awaits, though the longstanding distrust of one group for another, Arab vs Farsi, will keep them apart, there will be trouble, and Iran is our real adversary. I shoulda been Secretary of State, I respect Powell, but as a military man, he followed orders once given. And got snookered. We wont say what Condoleeza is, students may be reading. Swearing in writing is just ignorant and lame. in speech, hell yeah!

    And yes, Turkey is the crossroads of the world, and has more layering of cultures than anyplace on Earth. Always wanted to go there more than any country, well, maybe southern france, but would love to circle the Mediteranean someday.

    Israel is really overrated, not that much except bible stuff, the jews were never good artists or architects, too caught up in worshipping the word. Very dangerous, and why sects and internecine warfare has always accomapnied the Word, eveyone takes it so damn seriously, and have their own interpretations. So Christians and Muslims are likewise afflicted. Always advised Muslims that if they wanted to destroy Israel, just make peace with it. With no common enemy to bind them, they would dissolve in internal chaos. Truth, has always been that way. You think God was going to explain the big bang and evolution to bronze age primitives? Riiight.

    History IS us, we must understand all aspects, not some damn silly theory about great man vs proletariat. ALL. Also learn alot about human nature, and how we react under pressure, of greed and fear. You know, like the stock market. EVERYTHING is interconnected, layers, and art must be also to come alive, and reflect our world truly. Getting those layers to interconnect and find form and pattern in them, is the artists role as far as I can tell looking at art from the beginning, those caves in france.

    sorry, there i go again. So, do you like
    art academia delenda est?
    or art collegia delenda est better?

  10. Donald Frazell says:

    Also, bring on the negative posts, I LOVE to deflate those, its a sport, and a gift, my annoying people into flustered silence. But then I am the one originating half of em, according to many.

    Also, yes, there will be one language eventually, Chinese it appears.


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