Banksy eBay Fraud

The Art Newspaper has reported that employees of the company that authenticates and publishes Banksy prints “Pictures on Walls” (POW), have been selling unauthorized Banksy prints on eBay. Not only have the Banksy prints been forged with a replica POW stamp and fake Banksy signature, but they have also used shill bidding, where the bids are artificially inflated by friends of the seller.

fake banksy prints sold on ebay auctions

A whistelblower that was involved with the scam alerted the Art Newspaper to the eBay auctions. There were anything from 25 to 100 fake Banksy prints sold.

Revealed: the eBay Banksy print fraud
In a statement Banksy, his dealer Steve Lazarides, and the directors of POW, confirmed that unauthorised prints “have been sold on eBay” and stressed that they along with members of the public “have been victims of criminal behaviour”. The company has launched a full-scale investigation and is inviting concerned collectors wanting to reauthenticate their Banksy prints to come forward.” The Art Newspaper

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  1. Yikes!!!!!

    I just bought his book “wall and piece” and I couldn’t stop laughing at the statement on the back.

    “There is no way you’re going to get a quote from us to us on your book cover” Metropolitan Police spokesperson

  2. This scam is more brilliant than anything Banksy ever did.

  3. not really a scam though is it, everyone does that on ebay, whether its art or an ipod. Theres probably more artistic relevance in an ipod.

  4. I have to agree about it not being a brilliant scam, copycat art on ebay is rife.

    As for artistic relevance, thats like everything, in the eye of the beholder I guess.

  5. I would still buy one if it was less dearer and a good quality print…
    Do they do fraudy Warhol by the way?

  6. Ha!, that’s a funny quote Jafabrit. It kind of sums up what Banksy does.

    Angela, if you don’t mind who actually did the work, Chinese painters do reproductions pretty cheaply.

  7. Its not as though much of the Banksy’s work was “authorised” to begin with and images of work are available for free off his website so it’s all relative really

  8. Does Banksy really expect to garner sympathy with his statement about being the victim of criminal behaviour? I figured he would respond with something more along the lines of “Heck Yeah.”

  9. My father get defrauded, but almost I was able to stop him before sending the payment! People are using fake emails from They try to convince that you sold your item to someone, for my father, the buyers was vanessa22c and anna22e. They requested to send them the overpayment they did of $4,000 to John Branch from Richmond, VA. If you come across any Ebay ID with female name following by 2 digits and 1 letter…be aware. They are fake.

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