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Since installing Google Analytics a couple of months ago I have been spending a lot of time looking at where people are coming from and how they’re getting to Art News Blog. Apart from learning that sex and nudity is more popular than art, I have also learned that people ask search engines some strange questions.

As Banksy was in the news recently, I thought I would see what people are searching for. Here’s some Banksy search terms (it looks like students no longer answer questions themselves, they just do a search for it)..

  • why do i like banksy?
  • why does banksy do what he does?
  • why is banksys art not liked by some people?
  • what does banksy work mean?
  • positive banksy information
  • how does banksy do it?
  • is banksy anti semitic?
  • banksy is more than one person
  • where is banksy?
  • is banksy good or bad?
  • how to be like banksy
  • who is banksy?

The first question on the list makes me think of doing a search on Google to ask “Who am I?” Has Google become our answer to everything? Google should release Google God or Zen Google to answer all our difficult questions.

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  1. Who?

  2. Donald Frazell says:

    It means children are no longer taught how to ask good questions. Answres to silliness are still silly. And irrelevant to life, and art. Good questions lead to even better questions. And how we evolved. Then there are dead end side trips. Which now rule the day. And so we are whre we are. Stagnated, and cut off from humanity.


  3. Most of these questions were posed by my jewish russian friend on his most recent visit to London when the news was full of the financial meltdown. I feel I must appologise for the misunderstanding. He did get quite cross that his questions kept being refered to some aussie art blog when all he wanted was to find a good London banksky to deposit his cash. Sorry.

  4. Banksy is a group of international bankers who like to make street art. Come on… everyone knows that! :P

  5. I should have tried to answer some of the questions Earl.

    None of my profound questions were answered by Google. I still don’t know who I am, the meaning of life, or why I wear white socks with brown sandals :-P

    I think Banksy is a group of marketing executives Brian ;-)

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