Bastard Chairs in China

bastard chairs

A friend just shared the bastard chairs photographed by German born, Hong Kong based photographer Michael Wolf. They’re chairs with character, chairs that have been repaired, added to, converted, improved, made more comfortable, and toughened. The chairs are function over form, which is probably why I think they’re so beautiful. The bastards look orphaned but very loved.

Michael Wolf used the series of bastard chairs to make the book, Michael Wolf: Sitting in China.

bastard chairs

Michael Wolf – Bastard Chair 27. This thing looks half rat trap and half ejector seat. I wouldn’t feel safe sitting on it with that giant spring on the front of it ;-)

michael wolf chairs in chinaMichael Wolf – Bastard Chair 18. This little throne has seen better days but has probably never looked better!

chinese bastard chairs

Michael Wolf – Bastard Chair 13. Functional urban design!

bastard chinese chairs

Michael Wolf – Bastard Chair 7. I love this one. It’s a chair with so much character and it looks comfortable.

ugly chairs

Michael Wolf – Bastard Chair 16. This chair looks injured but tough. I wouldn’t pick a fight with this chair as it’s probably carrying a knife!

michael wolf chairs

Michael Wolf – Bastard Chair 5. No design schooled chair designer could make something this beautiful. This is a chair that lives.

See more photography by Michael Wolf at his website here.

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  1. I wonder what’s better.. A Herman Miller or these bastard chairs.

  2. Perhaps not better, just different chairs ;-)
    Beautiful in different ways.

  3. These are definitely some awesome chairs, it amazes me what can be used to make a chair.


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