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Sylvia White has a good resource for artists starting out (or established artists that are not good with being organized) called Art Advice. One of her articles is like a checklist for an artist turning professional called The “Okay, I think I’m ready to be a professional artist,” Checklist.

The most important thing an artist can take from the list is that you have to spend a percentage of your time on the business and marketing aspects of being an artist. She suggests thirty minutes a day or even thirty minutes a week if you’re time poor.

It’s a little bit like telling a fish that he has to spend time out of the water each week, but getting professional is absolutely essential if we want to survive as an artist.

Which reminds me.. I’m reading a book by the artist Sheila Reid, called “Art Without Rejection” which looks at some of the issues that a contemporary artist has to deal with. Where on one hand, we have to be sensitive and open while creating, but then we’re thrown into the tough world of commercial art galleries when we want to pay the bills.

I have only just started reading the book, so I might mention it again some other time.
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  1. Anonymous says:

    Yeah, there are some good tips on her site that are free. I think one thing to keep in mind for the majority of artists out there:

    1. Nobody’s coming to you.

    2. Be proactive.

    3. Promote yourself and your work.

    4. Build a professional online portfolio.

    5. Don’t use FLASH – it’s annoying and takes too long.

    6. Blog i.e. Network with other artists and art lovers.

    7. Use to advertise your art.

    8. Learn about basic business principles.

    9. Believe that you can.

    10. Be positive even when you’re down.

  2. Great post – can’t stress these truths enough.

  3. Hi, this is the first time i have visited your website and I absolutely luv it! I think I will be back to visit often! You’re articles are extremely valuable! Have you ever considered starting a forum?

    Keep the positive energy and information flowing.


  4. Good tips Anonymous, thanks for sharing.

    Vanessa, a forum is a good idea. I have thought about it, I just don’t have much spare time at the moment.


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