Ben Quilty’s Car Paintings

Very few artists have pulled off a good painting of a car. It’s kind of like painting a smile, they just don’t seem to work. The closest to pulling off a good smile would be Leonardo’s Mona Lisa, but even that is more of a smirk than a smile.

expressionist car painting

But the car paintings of the young Australian painter Ben Quilty are really quite impressive. Perhaps it’s because he knows his subject..
“These are part of a series of paintings of a car, a 1972 L J Torana with a 3.3 litre blue motor, stage three head, extractors and cam, electronic ignition and a three-speed floor shifter : standard weapon for a young man’s Australian suburban life.” Ben Quilty
Here’s some more car paintings from an exhibition at the Grant Pirrie gallery in Sydney.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Ben Quilty seems to have gone ahead in leaps and bounds since winning the Whiteley scholarship.
    His paintings are very fresh.. and I agree with you about the car paintings.. they really work well.

  2. I can think of only one successful painting featuring a car: Norman Rockwell’s The Swimming Hole (1945). I’d be interested to view any others you might name.

  3. I just found a picture of the Swimming Hole by Rockwell.. it works too.
    I cant think of any other car paintings worth mentioning.

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