Between the Folds – Origami Art

Greenfuse films has released a film called “Between the Folds” which looks at a group of paper folders or origami artists.

Here’s their introduction to the film..
“Between The Folds” uncovers the stories of 10 fine artists, intrepid mathematicians and theoretical scientists who have abandoned careers and scoffed at hard-earned graduate degrees – all to forge unconventional lives as modern-day paperfolders. As these eccentric and provocative characters converge on the unlikely medium of origami, they reinvent an ancient art, and demonstrate the innumerable ways that creativity and ingenuity come to bear as they struggle to understand and honor the world around them. The film paints an arresting portrait of the mysterious artistic and scientific threads that bind these exceptional minds, bringing forth a rare mix of sensibilities towards art, expressiveness, interpretation, and meaning.

A preview of Between the Folds can be seen here, with more details on where the full film can be seen.

There’s some origami art below by two of the artists from the film. I have always loved good quality paper, especially hand made papers, but I didn’t realize just how much could be done with a single piece of paper.

Giang Dinh does some fascinating faces, people, and animals with paper.

Origami Monks Art
Monks by Giang Dinh

Origami Bear Art
Bear by Giang Dinh

Michael LaFosse does mostly origami animals and has some books and guides on his website for those that want to do their own origami.

Origami Bat Art
Bat by Michael LaFosse

Origami Squirrel Art
Squirrel folded with one piece of paper by Michael LaFosse

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Australian artist and observer of things.. all kinds of things. I like a wide variety of art, from the weird and wonderful to the bold and beautiful.. and everything in between.


  1. Donald Frazell says:

    I like them, as it forces the artist to focus on structure, finding what makes up the subject materially, to get into the motif. The monks are like japanese puppet theatre, bear is just so so, but love the bat. Hate squirrels, and the damn fifty parrots which just roosted in the eucalytus by the ditch. Squirrels are just cute rats, and parrots tropical flying rats, like pigeons. A slingshot is in order. So cant get into Squirrel, but interesting.

    Cant play the video, gives me an error. But appreciate all crafts, skills that can sometimes merge into art.

    Just made a Yeshua accepting the judged to complete a trio of religious themed Judgment studies. Really about personal responsbility and accountability, something art has avoided for decades, and is one of true arts main themes. Think the Catholic church would buy? Says they are looking to buy contemporary art, will they take Modern? Are they really buying, Dion?

  2. Donald, the skeptic, NOT cynic says:

    Of course, he is brown and sorta resembles he who shall not be named, nor rendered in corporeal art. But then, Yeshua was a Hebrew, taken from the Egyptian word Habiru for foreigner, and at that time looked more like their Semtic brothers of today, the Saudi Arabaians. Had not interbred with more pale skinned races yet, so were brown and as is quoted in the Gospels, wooly haired.

    So he would resemble more bin Laden than the popular image based on Durer’s self portrait. Originaly, as no one really knew what he looked like, he was portrayed clean faced, more like a Byzantine Emporer would look like, but very young. As they considered themselves the defenders of the Faith after Constantine adopted Christianity, and portrayed himself in gigantic form where no Roman Emperor had ever done so, more godlike. And so more in control of the Empire, bypasing the Senate, leaving to turn Byzantium into Constantinople. Yes, religion is often twisted into the use of the powerful to control the masses. But the founders haivng messages of truth, and advancing the worlds ethics and peace.

    But after the discovery of the now called Shroud of Turin, and the body showing a long face, nose, and beard, we came closer to what we now see, though very Europeanized for Western consumption. Though Michelangelo returned to the older Byzantine rendition of the Messiah. And of course Messiah just a term for any non priest who does gods will, as David was. The Prophets being of the priestly castes. And so his being of the House of David, in the belives of an ultimate Messiah of sects that flurished before Yeshua’s coming, and babtizm being practiced even before his cousin John.

    Sorry, history tangent again. But comes down to will Anglo’s accept an Arabic Christ? Arabic simply the langauge of the group of Semites around Mecca, who protected the Kabba. As was he who shall remain nameless so I am not hunted down and fatwa’d to death.

    Would be interesting, considering we wil soon have a Hussein as President, the most famouse name in Islam, Ali Hussein being the friend of the nameless one who took over Islam upon his death, and became the first Caliph.{Shia’s being followers of the supposed son of his fourth wife, his being supposedly sonless after his only recorded sons death while young.) His supporting first wife, a Christian who turned to her husbands faith also with the Caliph. Had daughters and stayed in what is now known as Sunni Islam.

    Sorry, did it again. Slow at work waiting for Sony to get me 179 images due Thursday, aholes, as they are anal and will take two days to get approvals.

    Catholcism actually has alot of very intelligent priests, but as they said, they need images the common person can relate to, illustrations of the story of the Gospels. But a chaple of monks or small order might be perfect. Matisse decorated one. They are much more open minded, as Catholicism accepts Darwin and scientific thought. Drawing a line between the faith and soul, and material world, allowing truth in all forms to be sought and known. Just dont want too many to know, or might cause a crisis of faith of the more simple people. Like artistes.

    There, got my artiste insult of the day in, though just posted three on Brians latest posting of old interviews at myartspace. They just come rolling off the tongue, reality supplies them in great numbers.

    Art Collegia Delenda Est.

  3. I think I like Dingh’s animals the best, followed by the figurines. 7Couldnt get the trailer clip to play on their site.

  4. I absolutely love these! Origami is such a delicate art, far too underrated!

  5. I thought Yeshua was a blue eyed blonde surfer type Donald ;-)

    I wonder if the advancement of ethics and peace gives one the right to promote lies and fear. I think of religion as the parent telling the child to behave or the boogey man will come out and get them.

    As much as I argue against religion, I would hate to see our world lose religion too quickly. The fear it instills and the control it has over us keeps us docile and much less dangerous than we’re capable of being.

    And yeah, some are best left nameless or the defenders will strike us all down.

    Insallah, you will have a Hussein in power soon. I still think anything is possible though as America is so easily scared (I think its the clinging to religion that makes the country so fearful of noises in the dark).

    I’m betting that McPalin will crank up the fear rhetoric over the next week to a level that will have me vomiting and/or laughing in the distance.

  6. Donald Frazell says:

    Hussan, hussayn or Hussein means pretty boy in Arabic. Maybe thats what is helping him win, you know how Hollywood has us conditioned to vacuous looks. And thats why Palin isn’t working, already gota cutey running higher than her, the white women just love them some Obama, from what my wife tells me.

    And I kinda view Christianity, from the Bible story, as god finally giving up on us to do the right thing jsut because it is right, and so giving us the carrot and the stick, as there is no heaven and hell in the old testament. Thats what trains animals, and we have proven time and time again to not have risen yet above that. Art is the separation, what makes us over the animals, yet look what art has become. Stupidity, selfishness, self absorbed whinings. Sounds animalistic to me, and so why these folks love their critters so much, even cant stand to eat them/

    I see it as god wanting to have someone interesting to talk to, the strong, the thoughtful, the passionate. Art divided that up long ago, as the vast population of art school grads cant hold on to more than one concept at at time, thats called mediocrityy. And weakness. I claim art back for teh strong, and all fields, Enough Bush types, no matter the view from left or right, the field of endeavore, the business or politic. But I am nothing, need a coalition of those who can. To show and prove to all those who cant. Which is 99% of the art world. They should just stick to their hobby, and get the hell out of the way. If its about you, it aint art. Simple as that.

    Religion awaits you. But artistes are even too selfish for that, so things like spiritual centers now exist, where everyone is god. talk about vainity, and weak. No humility there, and artistes have no humility in constantly airing out their dirty laundry, and being whiny exhibitionists, I DONT CARE ABOUT YOUR FEELINGS! No one should. Keep it in your diary

    Art Collegia Delenda Est.

  7. I don’t know Doanld, I like feelings and self in art. What else is there? We’re no longer needed to depict historical events as photo journalists and tv news crews do that much better than a paint brush ever could. Two things that cameras struggle with are feelings and self, but artists are all feelings and self.

    Also, I know I contradict myself a thousand times a day, but I try and think of animals as equals, as we’re also animals.. just very arrogant animals that think we’re above this nature thing. Thinking that we’re above animals or nature is what has got us into so much trouble now. If we paid the slightest bit of attention to nature we wouldnt be so hell bent on destroying it.

    Also, I’m a sucker for cute animals, but I try to eat less meat as 6 billion carnivores wouldnt be good for the environment. I still chomp on dead animals as they taste so good, but eating meat a few times each day everyday is a little excessive.

    I dont think of nature as a fairytale though. It’s life and death, kill to live, be strong or die. Nature is cruel, but it works. Our problem is that we think we’re superior to nature which is a big mistake. I don’t want to live in caves and carry a club around with me, but I do want to leave a lighter footprint behind.

  8. Art Collegia Delenda Est says:

    Yes, we ARE a part of nature, and doing what any other carnivore would do if all checks and ballances were removed, becoming top carnivore. Though we are truly omnivores, and you eat meat and crave it because your body needs it, just not in the high proportion many do. We can eat less, and should. Healthier, those who eat meat excessively are usually unhealthy, unless athletes who need the fuel. Vegans even more unhealthy, nothing is more depressing than watching the sickly extremists at Whole Foods. Eat a burger, damnit. You would be so much healthier, and happier.

    However, we are the only animal who can not only adapt, but adapt the environemnt to OUR needs, and when destructive, wants. Live within needs, and the world would be much healthier. Thats where art is needed. It is about US, not me. And OUR needs. All great art of the past has been about the civilization it depicted, ALL great art. To discover what art is, its definition, is so simple, yet artistes are so full of themselves then cant, or wont, see.

    Go back to prehistory. Layout all the great art you can on the floor, and quietly examine it for hours, days, years, a lifetime. What is the common thread? what gives it power? The person and his feelings are long gone, irrelevant, and dont show in great art. The passions of the time, of their people, are revealed, defining who they were. Not a definition put upon that group, but through creation revealed, when it works and is good.

    And eternity. God. the primoridal drive of humanity to grow, thrive, become more. That IS god. Heaven and hell are in all of us, we create them according to our own desires. When selfish, you get evil. When about the whole, you get goodness. Really, really, really simple. Now, no one is a saint, but stand apart, lift out of yourself. Look upon the world as ukoyo-e, floating above, out of body, and self consciousness. True artists are observers. We dont neccessarily participate, and are at our best when we separate from the passions of time as individuals. Picassos communism, which hurt him towards the end, but showed no sign in Guernica. He showed the passion and pain of the time, to a souless barbarism. but one must be quiet in soul oneself to create, the more turmoil, angst, self pity, the worse the art. Who cares, 6 billion out there just as importatn as us, thats not art. Its revelatory therapy. Which art has been minimized into. So art is no more. And so must be reborn.

    Discipline. Study. Detachment. Curiosity. Work. Building. Passion. These are the qualities of great art. And why it no longer exists. We wouldnt know it if we saw it, but stand in confusion, fear, and doubt. And so have the equivalent, you get the government you deserve in a democracy. Bush just reflects the time. And so is bad art.

    Art Collegia Deledna Est

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