Big Beautiful Ceramic Pots

felicity aylieff ceramics

Wow, these big blue and white pots are great. I was looking through an auction online and came across the ceramics of UK based artist Felicity Aylieff. She collaborates with workers in Jingdezhen, China to create the monumental ceramic pots. I would love to see some of them in the flesh.

Here’s some of her work..
monumental vasesFelicity Aylieff – Blue and White monumental Vase.

felicity aylieff monumental ceramics

Felicity Aylieff – Five Storey’s: Chinese Ladders.

large ceramic pots

Felicity Aylieff – Abundance and Prosperity.

Awesome, huh? She also works on a series of ceramics with very detailed and linear designs, which are much more fun and decorative. They’re very charming, but I don’t lust after them like the big expressive pots above. Here’s the artist with some of her more linear designs. Massive pots.

monumental ceramic pots

Felicity Aylieff – This photo gives an idea of how big the pots are.

See more of her ceramic pots and other work at her website here. She also shows her work at the Adrian Sassoon gallery in London, with works for sale here.

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