Bonhams Urban Art Auction

Bonhams is holding another Urban Art Auction at their salerooms in New Bond Street, London on Thursday 23 October 2008 at 7pm. After the success of their first auction dedicated solely to urban art earlier in the year, it now looks like they have created a new auction category.

A list of names in the urban art auction include Adam Neate, Aiko, Anthony Lister, Antony Micallef, Banksy, Blek le Rat, Dan Baldwin, D*Face, Eelus, Faile, Jef Aerosol, Jose Parla, Keith Haring, Matt Small, Paul Insect, Seen, and Shepard Fairey.

Gareth Williams of Bonhams says “Urban Art is an international phenomena and we have created a sale which reflects this with artists representing five continents. This auction is a fantastic opportunity for us to showcase some of the most established names in the field alongside a host of exciting and emerging artists who have not yet gained the recognition that they deserve.”

Here’s a few works of interest from the auction..

Shepard Fairey - Urban Art Auction
Shepard Fairey (American, born 1970) ‘OG Andre’, 2008
Estimate: £5,000 – 7,000

José Parlá - Urban Art Auction
José Parlá (American, born 1973) ‘Pirate Alphabet 3′, 2006
Estimate: £600 – 800

Bast - Urban Art Auction
Bast (American) ‘Blue Mickey’,
Estimate: £7,000 – 10,000

D Face - Urban Art Auction
D*Face (British) ‘Green Lady’, 2007
Estimate: £500 – 700
See Vladimir Tretchikoff’s Green Lady here.

Anthony Lister - Urban Art Auction
Anthony Lister (Australian, born 1980) ‘Hulk Arm Mary 2, Right’, 2007
Estimate: £3,000 – 5,000

Antony Micallef - Urban Art Auction
Antony Micallef (British, born 1975) ‘Head’, 2007
Estimate: £6,000 – 8,000

To see a full auction catalogue online or more information on the Bonhams Urban Art Auction go to their website here.

About Dion

Australian artist and observer of things.. all kinds of things. I like a wide variety of art, from the weird and wonderful to the bold and beautiful.. and everything in between.


  1. I remember when Anthony Lister had paintings on the power boxes all over brisbane, I think they’re all painted over now

  2. Chris, think of all the SAMO works that were painted over and how much they would be worth now if they could be recovered.

    Dion, I got another death threat today over something I posted on the Myartspace Blog. Yeah! I’m starting to have a good collection of threats.

  3. Brian, I’m usually only threatened to be sued, so youre doing well. There’s a few topics that I won’t touch though.. one of which you have :-O

    You can’t reason with some people, so I don’t try. And I’m not willing to risk my life trying either, as some of these guys are serious. Pictures especially are a big no-no for me.. theyre a red rag to a psychotic bull.

    I’m brave to a point, but am not willing to risk my life over a post. It’s not my war to fight.

  4. I see your point. I think you are talking about a different article though.

  5. Hmmm.. I can’t imagine which other post would prompt a death threat. Surely it wouldnt be because of Bill Henson? Robert Capa? cat lover upset about feline corpse?

  6. Donald Frazell says:

    I’M baa-ack. Had a great time in central Cali wine country, love morro Bay, where I took many of my old photos, wife loves it, got lots of expensive wines we save for Holidays and when family comes over. my adopted son jsut decided to be a doctor! He graduated Annapolis, THE naval academy, anddn doing his time, as he likes to call it. Serving out, might go to Afghanistan soon though. military will get him at least his masters if he reups, which he might.

    Anyway, like some of the art, but is not either current or lasting. All of it looks back, Churchill, Monroe, Che, your Australian mate probably the most up to date, but done in a Larry Rivers kinda style. Good as a book about ideas at a certain point in time, but not on the awall, little true substance, questions are limited or non existent. But well done and grat as street art, and magazines or book form.

    I thought I was the only hated one, AFC girl mad at me after i addressed her as baby, but it was a childish article, and I am old enough to be her father, though I look much younger. Except the damn grey in mty beard my youngest gave me. But do like her, and will beg forgiveness. Winklemans a wuss, as are most of his responders. He did ban me. Good. Still write when in a magnanimous mood, but hate to as anonymous.

    got another idea for a painting, will work it out today, anxious to get to work. Central Cali is just gorgeous. Got lots of good olive oil tooi am a farmer at heart, and love good food, and my garden which gives it.

    Got some responses from Brians Profile, just not sure they like my stuff or my wifes, she is damn talented. Proabaly her, she is much nicer too, but also funnier about the absurdities of life. Thats what happens when you work at a “spiritual” center. Talk about crazies.

    Any other good artistes down there Dion? Actually like your work, lacks the pretenses of America and especialy English crap. That arab swirl girl the Saatchies got is just ridiculous, the wife is stunned anyone would like that self absorbed crap, but the obscenely rich do seem to need the entertainment, for art it is not.

    Send all death threaters to me, know several Death Row record ex_bodyguards who owe me, This is the LBC, not the Upper Eastside NYC, OUR eastside is a lil. different.

  7. Donald Frazell says:

    Sorry, didnt mean to type artistes, habit. Artists. I like honesty and curiousity about life, all great art is founded on that.

  8. Bill Henson has a posse. :)

    One of your fave artists just had a portrait of Bacon sell for 9 million. There is an article on Yahoo news about it.

    Donald,start a blog man! Its not hard and I’m sure Dion and I can give you some tips to get started. I think people sometimes mistake your comments as being hostile even though they really are not. As the author of a blog you can make your stance known without being at the mercy of moderation.

  9. I am subscribed for your blog and read it for a long time and would like to thank you for bravery to write about art world. Very interesting!!!

  10. Donald Frazell says:

    I am thinking about it Brian. Want to start a group of outside artists, thos who love art, but ahte teh artiste world. Call it AAA, AntiAcademicAssociation, or AntiAntiart. Or for short call them teh Insurgents, for change wil not come from within teh decrepid old system of galleries-academies-museums. Everything neeeds to be overthrown in time, or dies and decays. No groups should exist more than a few years, or be taken over by extremists with their own self agendas, like Stalin did Communism. It is inevitable, as absolute power corrupts absolutely. Even in limited situations. See all those crazy evangelicals with meth crazed male lovers.

    But a new focus needs to arise, adn feed itself. Then dissipate and go on its own separate ways, for all true artists are strong individuals, who need quiet and solitutde, not the madness of the ass kissing art world. Your work certainly qualifies Brian, adn Dions too in his quiet way, yours more aggressive. Passion comes in many various forms, but passion for life is our job, finding what is real, adn most human about US, not the individuals desires. Takes explorationa dn many failures, or partial visualization, with some simplified, purified, universalized triumphs. Like Picassos Three Musicians or Matisse Harmony in Red.

    Modernism is not dead, jsut destroyed by over marketization(a word?) and seeking individualized styles instead of exploration, called branding. Which is about commercialization, not art. Easy for gallerists(LOL!) to sell.

    Time for art to reemerge, it is needed. Wont come from these academic trained street artistes. Cant be street when you can pay for art school. Rich kids acting out. Academies destroy teh mind adn senses. freedom is needed, tempered by responsibility. To mankind. Freedom without responsibility is chaos. And it is our job to find purpose and pattern, structure and flow in life. Not vain self expression.

    Plus, if I have my own site, I wont scare off the nice, timid, children on your sites. Variety is the spice of life, when its healthy grub.


  11. Donald, I’m not certain that ‘outsider’ applies today. There are ‘outsider’ artists selling for $20,000 a pop in New York right now. If you ask me that is very much ‘inside’ art– at least from the commercial standpoint. It would have to be the Outside Outsider Outsider group.

    Underground is not even underground these days. Everything is boiling together. Normally when that happens a swift change suddenly happens. The same goes for music as well. Kind of like how we went from big hair and leather in the 80s to dirty shirts and ripped up jeans in the 90s.

    It will be interesting to see what dominates in five years. Maybe two.

  12. Donald Frazell says:

    Yeah, I know. How can something be Outsider when it is a buncha art school grads/ what could possibly be more inside, real rebels there, yeahr riiight.

    I am looking for those who ove art and so do it the right way, either create on their own, no art school, or are intelligent enough to have neither gradauted, or learned to unlearn every dumbass thing they picked up from the commercial mainstream. like I said it would be ANTI Anti
    Art, as this crap is as anti art as it gets.

    The one artist on your site I truly like is like me, “uneducated”. Being educated, like a trained dog, is about working withng the system. art is anti system in everyway. AND focused on the needs of the whole, not the separate groups that make it up, and being marketed as an individual for teh almighty $$$.

    See you latest Saatchi find, that swirl girl, a BIP. British Islamic Princess. Its not her fault, though cute and dumb as a puppie, she is being used as music producers get their newest Menudo, or Back street Boys. Disposable fluff. Art, it most certainly aint.

    No, the one common goal of all artists should be to attack this establishment. Be truly independant. Get a damn job and work for love, not cash. Stop teh prostituion to the desires and avarice of the rich. It IS class war, those with it against those without. now, like I said, all movements become corrupt themselves soon enough, they are focal points for attack, then disperse as the cracks form. Not to surrender and become the enemy, but stay independant. That means alone, isolated, with ones loved ones, away from the art community forever. Or pay the price.

    i am old and secure enough in my manhood, art, and income tospend all mytime observing, learning, and creating, now that my primary creations are all off and on their own, for better and worse. I can keep my distance, as I have always been disgusted with the art world, from a kid as my mother was a art school grad. Here comes the un Policitally Correct Truth. Flakes, fools and fairies. Truth. more sense in Hollywood, and talent, as it never pretended to be anything but a business. Necessary to pull off such large productions, and endless heaps of Raw Serrano.

    My personal “idols”, though I truly revere no man, are Gauguin and Braque, Cezanne the crazy old grandpa. they all stayed completely apart from the art world, loved their silence, and worked in peace. Though all completley different in temperament. As I am from them. I feel kinship with them. Not this crap of the last three generations of artists, all thsoe of teh post war era. My generation. How embarrassing.

    I am two years older than Obama, but got the hot, sexy wife to stay young. My kids almost killed me. Certainly took their toll. Now its back to my own work, and have much to put into it. Passions adn emotins some art school kid will never experience, though art most certainly is NOT a diary. But layers passions to create a living thing, not one simple minded idea at a time. Art CAN live, but as current art school grads dont even know a Morandi from a Moore, whatcha gonna do with them? I used to say Cezanne from a Chardin, them too, but damn! Ignorance is at an all time high, too much electronic crap, and not enough learning how to process and focus information. Finding what is true and usefull.

    As I said, Hemingway said an artist must develop an automatic shit detector. Dont have time for the endless mounds of Serrano. A fine wine is what we seek to create. That takes cultivation, nurturing, harvesting, extracting the essence, and aging in old school oak. To mellow and enrichen in full bodied aroma, clarity, and taste of rich Ambrosia, fit for the Gods.

    Heaven and hell are right here, in us. To find the true peace of god is our job, to show life on ITS terms not ours, so we can learn, accept, and live life fully. With Purpose. And Passion. Simply. Truthfully. Honestly. So every breath has meaning. That is arts thread in the woven fabric of human existence. One forgotten, as it attempts to take it all for itself. We are craftsmen, get to work. The endless Bacchanal must end. Now is the time.

    Art Collegia Delenda Est.

  13. I don’t think art school is all that bad. It depends on what you do while there. You can’t lump everyone together until you see all the work, you know? So try not to put every student down.

    Most of them work very hard to attend school in the first place. Only a select few are made art stars overnight. That work does not reflect the whole. Technically it does not represent what all art students are doing.

    That is my position on art school.

  14. Donald Frazell says:

    Dude, I have seen whats on your site, and whats been in galleries for three decades now. Four actually. Art school DOES destroy independence, and critical thinking. Its going with the lemmings. Name me ONE great artist who has been a art school grad. Even Diebenkorn, who I and Dion like, graduated as a philosophy major and was of the WWII generation, that had lives before school.

    NO kid coming out of college in ANY profession, least of all art knows a damn thing. It is at best preparation. Learning how to learn, within a system. Art does not take kindly to systems. But does to inheriting knowledge and adding on to it. THAT is NOT taught. The ignorance of art history has been shown repeatedly on this site and Dions.

    My eldest gradauted from Annapolis, one of the ten best colleges in the known universe. You think he thinks he is all that and better than his elders just because he has that degree? HELL NO!!!! Only art students think they can come out of a college and actually know something, and ready to conquer the world. And it is absolutely the least likely to do so. Absurd, but then, thats what the rich want. Entertainment, and these young pups are entertaining, if you are decadent and lazy.

    Come back in twenty years when you have lived life a little, maybe you will be able to do a lil somethin. I see you were a psych major and worked with the mentally and emotionaly damaged. I have done so also, many of the kids I worked with mentoring in travel basketball, some I know in the NBA, have crazy parents and families, some, like my youngest, ARE a lil nuts. We knew that from his toddler years, but ended up even worse than we could have dreamt. A nightmare, which is only now slowly receding.

    Dealt with others who have gone through juvie and jail. Drug problems, gangs and tortured upbringings, most are now on their way to responsible lives, some through religion, others finding peace on their own.

    But art students know nothing of this, or the world they live in. Yet have the absolute arrogance to think they can live this romantic notion of being artistes, when they have no clue what those of the past went through to survive and work, life was far more difficult, and the sterile environments of colleges are the last place to learn creative art.

    go read my article again, Imperial Clothing, its all there, and explains all this you see. Its really quite simple, yet most refuse to see, they dont want to. Too hard to work and learn, easy to dream and crave, like a drug that all false dreams are. That is not the reality. And reality , and purpose, and truth, is all. Get that, and the rest will follow, with great effort, years of work, and a little talent.

    I have some. I dont trust tests, but on a dare from my eldest I took the IQ and got what I remember as a kid, 138, beat his 127, which is actually higher than Obamas, and lets not even talk about Bush’s. David said he was a retard, had dinner with him twice at Annapolis. And I excell at seeing patterns, hearing them too, which is why I love jazz, Miles and Coltrane are the musical equivalents of Matisse and Picassso. I hear, and more importantly FEEL the structure, the flow, the constant shifting of rhythms and melodies, colors and forms, layers of all over patterns and passions that are the EQUIVALENT of life. And so create objects that reflect it, inbibe it, reveal it. They become a life force that commands a room, not through sheer size or color or eye poping patterns, but embody the forces of nature, and life.

    THAT is art. You have had a big bite of lifes frailties, and passions. You are on a good track, and so have some discernment. But are still very young, always tell my kids you are not a full man til 25, David remembers this, Paul thought he was an adult from very young, and made the bad choices that led to his fall. Humility goes a long way, as then you focus on learning, slowly forming opinions no child should have, be seen and not heard, but you got art students screaming from the rooftops, seen too many FAME reruns and the worst vanity selfish, brat movie of all time, Rent.

    THATS downright evil, for selfishiness is the root of all evil. And contemporary art all about the artiste. How it isolates the figure, no mingling of subject and field, as we are all one, not isolated, worshiped, singularized, seperate from the world. We are just one tiny point of light, among BILLIONS of other human beings and planets. The individual is nothing, without his being part of the whole. Art must take its part, its purpose and add to it, or it is out of wack, and so you see the results around us.

    Children now run the academies, the rejects, who have silly theories and illustrate them, not create living art. And so never grow up, they are Neverlands, where Peter Pans run amok. And so, not artists. For art is for Men and Women. Adults, not whining babies.

    Read my article again, if you ever did. We must ALL grow up, the world has been damaged because of this attitude, in all fields, but it is Arts to reveal, and prod into adulthood, and responsibility, for creativity. We have failed, miserably.

    Art Collegia Delenda Est

  15. Still, you can’t suggest that all students are blind to reality. Same goes for instructors. In fact, I’m sure many of them would agree with some of your views.

    Art school is not the enemy… what it has become may very well be. The media image of what it is to ‘be an artist’ or ‘to attend art school’ has fueled much of the chaos we have seen as of late. Young people often emulate what they see on the big screen. Kind of like the film you mentioned. Thus, many students feel that they have found their calling upon graduation. It does not work that way. A degree is just a start… and an artist can start without one.

    A former art instructor of mine once told me that a painter is not even born until he or she has been working in the studio for 30 or 40 years. I tend to agree with that.

  16. Donald Frazell says:

    Another problem is the studio. Who needs one? Talk about vanity, and an excuse not to deal with reality. Get outside, this is the greatest lesson to be learned from the Impressionists. It could not be done before, zinc tubes were invented then, but taught us much, if we care to learn. Observe, draw, learn from nature, we are part of it, whether we want to admit it or not. I see none of that anymore. All drawn from memory but few of these kids have one. Too much TV and media saturated their impressionable brains.

    But the very thing art now decries about politicians and the news, it invented. It merged with entertainment long ago. It elevated the individual over the entirety of humanity. Precious lil kittens get the same treatment in both places, in the long run, who gives a damn?! Be adult. Our job as artists is the whole, visualizing its health, and sickness. But we got caught up in the act. The show. The amusemnt.

    No, as Cezanne said, the Louvre is my teacher. Learn ONLY from those who have succeeded before. Surround oneslf with the highest level of intense life. So your work must sustain the same level, and you wil see when it does not. This drives one to explore, create, push ones abilities. This does not exist in art colleges. The automatic shit detector is not developed. And so one wallows in filth, not knowing it. Art college are pig pens, a waste of time and money. And stunts ones growth.

    Their destruction will not autmatically spurt growth, but will force people to begin to define waht art is, and so be on the path. Anything and everything is art now, andso it has become nothing. It has no meaning, no purpose. It is no longer of the fabric of civilization, not contributing to its strength and growth. Creativity wil never be learned in schools. It is strictly a path to professionalism, and so the enemy of creative art. It thats what you want is a career, fine, go ahead. But stop claiming to be artists, you have no idea what you are talking about. And so demeaning the works others have elevated mankind to, and lost part of who we are. And you now see the result. Art is part of the ballance, and it tilted. The pin ball game was rigged, and now broken. Art has failed its purpose. It must be renewed, by tudy, of life, and opur past, so we can see where we are going. And visulaize it for our people. As in primitive tribes, our roles are the same. We got confused, and became the joker, the nave, when real comedians do that so much better. We hold ourselves up for ridicule, not society. We wanted it all, and so are nothing. Time to get back to work.

  17. Glad the trip went fine Donald. I see the wine and timeout hasnt mellowed your opinions much ;-)

    There’s a few decent Australian artists around that I like, but theyre mostly regional and irellevant outside of their home base.

    Sounds like youre looking to start a revolution Donald. It’s hard to be revolutionary in art now as we have become more like fashion, where we just recycle movements and mix them up a bit, but put new tags on them. The most revolutionary thing I think artists are doing now is getting rid of art galleries.

    The flakes, fools and fairies line made me laugh because its At uni, students would do an art degree just because they hadnt decided what they wanted to be yet so I saw a few FFFs.

    Like Brian said though, you get out of art school what you put into it. Some are there to party and some are there to learn. Most art schools have impressive libraries filled with big heavy art books, so there’s no excuse for not knowing who Morandi is.

    Studios.. how dare you try and take away our studios Donald :-P
    I doubt many impressionist works were finished outside. It’s the studio where things ferment and magic happens (if youre lucky). There’s not much to be learned from painting outdoors if art retards keep coming up to you and telling you it’s not pretty or realistic enough.

    Be in nature, sketch it, commune with, live it, whatever, but don’t take away our studios ;-)

  18. Donald Frazell says:

    Saving most of the wine for holidays and family get togethers. Bought fairly expensive stuff, but confirmed once again that a $75 bottle is not that much better than a $23-30 one. The bang for the buck dissipates after that, but damn nice getting all those sips, they add up, and probably contribute to the brain damage many think I have suffered through the years. People have done more of that to me than the grape. The fools I have suffered. not here of course.

    But people really dont need all those “atteliers”. Paul Klee created at his kitchen table all his life. Gauguin worked in huts, and a hotel room. If you work large, like Braque and Matisse often did, you may need some room. i have a screened in back porch, can work my ten foot canvases there, and being in SoCal got good weather most of the time. but also had mold issues that destroyed one and have to fix another. Got a garage to store, and an extra room, my kids old one, to work on medium and small stuff. And use for guests. Thats all one needs. We must get beyond wants, which has led to the drama we are currently in, and get back to needs.

    But proof of the complete and total failure of the academic situation is right there before us. With all the masses of monies and materials, schools and art districts, hundreds of thousands of eager students, waiting to be taught the latest trends, can you really say to me art is better off and more important to mankind than 80 years ago when artists worked in near isolation? With most rebelling against any academic training, and self taught? Picassos father was a teacher, but after the Rose period and beginning with Demoiselles, he put it all behind him, and began afresh.

    The Bauhaus started a new line of schools, but it was never meant to be a fine art school, it was all design, as Art Center here in Pasadena follows, and applied arts. Klee only taught theory there, got the job from Kandinsky, you know how theoretical those Ruskies are, loving dogmas. And always their downfalls. Fine art schools jsut adopted to modernism and corrupted it. They blossomed after WWII, Black Mountain showing the way in America, but those artists of Abstract Expressionism had already been working, Pollock in the WPA, and were realy self taught. The only reason I go to colleges for art IS to look at their books. Most unused. Un opened, not checked out. Artistes too busy expressing themselves in class, and parties. Its simple. In the arts, those who can do, those who cant teach. They might be wonderful people, nice, i sure as hell aint, and know a little, but dont grasp true art and certainly not the approach to take to create, and miss the points of art completely.

    It is NOT about the individual, the personal point of view. But the students, and their daddies, pay the bills, so cater to their desires of greatness, immortality, and being hip. When nothing is geekier than an art student. Trying to be something you are not is the opposite of cool. No musician finsihed music school either, from Miles to Wynton at Julliard who quit school to go play with the real masters, Bird and Blakey.

    As I avoided art school as the plague it is, took exactly two art classes in college, history and beginning painting, and copied Michelangelo, Matisse, and Cezanne, to learn line(melody)color(harmony) and structure(rhythm). And that was junior college, when I took photo, it was strictly for the equiptment, and soon became the real teacher, helping other students in the dark room, as a paid assistant. Gotta pay the bills, always have had a job, all my life, even while in college. As did my wife taking finance, and just recently getting her design degree from UCLA.

    So we led real lives, dealt with everyday issues, and some pretty spectacularly bizarre ones too. Dont need to get into those, we all have our drama, but hiding from them in art schools is not the way to grow and mature. But we started in other fields, so well rounded, how many art students can say that? Sounds like you and Brian have had outside activities and influences, and you need to use them, and still look for more, outside of art. All the while pushing your personal limits, as we all must, in everything we do. Arrogance has led us to the point we are in history, a mess. Taht can be fixed, but so many issues we have put off and wil be much more difficult to deal with now. Because it was all about ME.

    And I most certainly could lead a true rebellion, because I spent not one day in art school, well I take that back, did take one photo class at Art Center, but its a 25 mile drive, and my old bug couldnt make that drive at nite all the time. It was a technical class anyway, but photo is easy to me. Which is why i quit, no challenge and had hit its limits. Not into cutesy BS.

    But no rebellion can come from inside, no art grad could ever ditch his background, which is all about branding, finding a public trait, and milking it to death. I have none, I experiment constantly, something the art world hates. They want a proven identity to market. Fuck that. sorry about my french. I ignore the art world, till I have to see it dealing with the fools, flakes and fairies, who mostly become “gallerists”.

    And yes, I have gay friends, my sons godfather dying of AIDS. Just try to block out any thought of the mating ritual. Yeeech. No man will allow his body to be invaded, thats OUR job, to penetrate, Thats not literal of course. Well, yes it is, but an artist must be aggressive, not submissive. And gays are much better at design than art, jsut a fact jack. Michelangelo probably never consumated his homosexual desires, which were real. Or Vasari would have been able to destroy him, as he had threatened to in blackmailing him. but really irrelevant.

    Anyway, sorry about the tangent, a bad trait of mine, comes from studying real history, not the textbook crap. Those supposed “rebels” are always just wannabes trying to make a name, not bring real change. They ARE the system, which coopted Modern Arts penchant to adapt, and marketed it as an ability that can be taught. Bullshit. Sorry again. No one “tries” to be new, no good artist anyway. They are jsut being truthful, and reflecting the reality around them, which is built upon our past, so it must be known and part of ones technique, but adapted. Evolved. And so seem new as much as truly being new. It jsut takes the current world into account, academics always fighting the last war, like the french.

    Sorry, history stuff again. Nothing is more out of touch with reality than colleges, they are built as safe havens for our children to learn and focus on their chosen field. It is as far from reality as Disneyland, actually art schools now ARE Disneylands, populated by Peter Pans, those who never want to grow up. like Michael Jackson, and so get the same perversions.

    I cant lead, but I can see. No true artist follows, but learns from others and quickly takes what they need to use and adapt as their own language. Braque did with Fauvism, then when sizing up Demoiselles, actually LED picasso, and was the one who created all three cubisms, cezannian, analytical and synthetic. Picasso jumped on em and made them his own, but Braque the most underrated artist in American art history books, he belongs there with Matisse and Picasso, not just becasue he began things, but his body of work outlasts both of them, he grew organically, and was THE master craftsman, and gets the most respect from me.

    no, these marketed brats are NOT rebels, but are using the system for their own gratification, and careers. Creative artists dont care about careers, but their explorations. We will create no matter what. Nice to have a steady income so one can work and evolve, but nothing will stop them. Art schools and “gallerists” be damned. Literally.

    As always,
    Art collegia delenda est

  19. I’ll have to call a post “flakes, fools and fairies” Donald. It sounds like it should be a

    And yeah, I kind of agree about the $30 – $75 wine difference. I know that it’s hard to find a good red wine under $25, so the change from $10 to $25 is VERY noticable.

    The most expensive I’ve had is around $125, which was nice, but Ive also had some nice $30 bottles of wine too. A friend is planning on opening a $400 bottle for christmas.. so I hope I can at least smell the

    And, for me, a studio is a NECESSITY. It’s not an option. No studio, no painting.

    I work on lots of paintings at a one time, maybe 10 or 20, and just keep building them up, so theyre always drying (as I use oils). I cant finish a painting in one sitting, so I need a studio.

    I love the idea of having a private place that is mine too. My own little bat cave where Im free to do as I wish.

    I didnt graduate from any art school either. I did a couple years at an art college and a couple years at uni, but didnt graduate from either. I took off to Turkey and learned a little about life rather than hanging around for a couple more years at uni (and it was the best thing I could have done).

    I was educated by the library more than art lecturers as I spent all my free time in there. It probably wasn’t a good thing for my social life at the time, but I was more interested in art than making art friends.

  20. Donald Frazell says:

    This I could tell about you, not filled with cute ideas, and trying so hard to impress the art world with your worth. Nothing worse than trying to be something you ar enot, that just aint cool. but is sure is the art world.

    I am god with my extra room, wife likes the smell of paint, its not unhealthy, jsut linsed oil, quite natural. Dont leave open paint thinner in the house. I sometimes owrk on more than one at a time, oftne rather large paintings, tried to avoid them adn do only snall ones, much easier to sell. but jstu gotta do what ya gotta do, will try to draw out a third to a trio, all too damn big. but gotta be to work. Damn, wish I was Paul Klee. Though he created so much work must have been a bitch to keep and store. He was very street I think, all good artists get around and paint what they see, from Tunisian cupulas to gold fish. Matisse did too. In very difffernt ways, why do people have to come up with such esoteric ideas and bizarre projects? Because that what teachers want them to do, or cover up a lack of ability, and really only into career. Sad.

    Art sucks now. Really. Really. Really. sucks.
    but things are changing, I can feel it. Never did before, so kept away from the art world as much as possible, didnt wtn to be corrupted. Too old to be screwed with now, crothedy and set in my ways. As it should be. At least I never try to be something I am not, though jealous people always wanted to say i wanted to be black. Just get along with a wide range of people, adn especialy fine, sweet, sexy black women. cant think of a damn thing wrong with that. Works for me. How you like my gallery at Brians, why dont you put one up there. I figured, waht the hel. Saw two people I liked, one Turkish. Had to join to write them, gotta find quality people in thsi life, they are rare and precious, Come visit sometime, can compare $30 bottles of wine, I aint crazy. Or rich.

    Back to work, gotta shit load of scans to do, dont get many anymore, everythng digital. Everything but me.


  21. I’ll have to look into adding a gallery to Brian’s site.. and check your profiles out. I just havent been interested in trying to promote my art lately as I dont want to sell anything for a while. It’s an experiment Im trying on myself.

    I do plan to visit America someday. I thought it would be very soon, but I’m also thinking of moving bush and going a little ferral for a while.. living off the land.. so who knows.. anything could happen.

    If I do come soon we’ll have to get together and argue about something We could compare reds.. Aus vs USA wines.

  22. Donald, part of the problem is that education in general has become so commercial. It is a HUGE money making industry compared to what it was just 100 years ago. Have enough money and time and you can become anything you want to be– as far as that little piece of paper is concerned.

    Dion made a good point about resources though. When I was in college I spent at least an hour each day in the library reading art books. They had some real gems under lock and key. Including some writing by Breton. I also spent an hour to three hours drawing each night back then. Unfortunately, most students don’t bother with that. That much I can admit.

    If you want a real trip find a college library that has every issue of ARTnews… you will see how much things have changed and how much they have stayed the same as well.

    As I think I mentioned here before, in the past students had to connect their art to at least 500 years of art history in order to graduate. Part of me thinks they should bring that back. I believe most schools stopped that practice in the 1960s and 1970s. Thus, you end up with students graduating without knowing who key artists were.

    At the same time, some student know a lot about art history. They choose to avoid it.

  23. I’ll add that I think some liberal arts colleges are better places to learn than art schools as far as art history is concerned. At least that has been my experience. Much cheaper as well. There is less distraction– the influence of hype is not present. Also, with a liberal arts degree you have more options as far as real world jobs are concerned.

  24. Donald Frazell says:

    Like I said, many applied art college are great, many arts have alot of skill involved, and need to learn the tools. Like my wife is a Photoshop goddess, after her last seminars in Vegas, she doesnt have to think anymore on CS3, she is real anxious waiting for CS4, which has been delayed in release.She is incredibly now fast, yet intricate and layered yet simple, art. Learned at UCLA.

    But fine art schools gotta go. Just playrgrounds for the rich and insecure. You cant have a conversatin with any of them, their heads are in the clouds. Look at what you posted Brian, and often, Bizzare and esoteric “projects” all the time, what the hell has that got to do with art? Its becasue of Masters thesis training, they think that is art, when it is just a basic idea for a National Georgraphic special, not fleshed out or well presented, just weird and “deep”. Damn art schools.

    Its keep “artists” off unemployment I guess. Now, there has always been bad, vain art, and I am sure those back issues of ArtNews has tons of them, they pissed me off when skipping through them in the 70s, no way in hell am I gonna torture myself looking at it now. I have some, and my god Art Forum is some bullshit. Very well laid ut I might add, probably by applied art school grads, gotta present those ads well, and keep the revenue flowing.

    Thats the real art these days, in design. They learned from the moderns and still use it. my wife understands the basics of art extremely well, and never went to a fine art school, except Parsons for one semester which loved her, but didnt have the money. She learned from real life, and design. Which took the fundamentals of modernism and used them, for its own purposes, Which is great. far more interesting than these damn vanity galleries. Dont have the time and gas to drive around to the hundreds here in LA. ArtSlant has saved me much time and aggrovation, and still have the hope of findng something real someday. Keep hope alive!


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