Bound and Gagged Car Art

offensive ute art

The artwork on the back of a ute/pickup in Townsville, Australia is ruffling the feathers of a few concerned residents. The life like image of a blonde girl on the back tailgate of the vehicle creates the illusion that she is in the back of the car, bound and gagged, with a shovel leaning up against her. She’s obviously not having a rest after doing some gardening.

According to the Townsville Bulletin, police officer Senior Sergeant Tony Melrose said there will be nothing done about the offensive image as there’s no criminal laws against bad taste. He said “In a free society, bad taste is difficult to legislate against.”

I sometimes wish there were laws against bad taste. I would join the bad taste police force and terrorize art galleries and auction houses everywhere! I would start with the Christie’s and Sotheby’s contemporary art auctions ;-)

Offending easily offended local residents is all good and well, but here’s a more productive way to use art on the rear end of your car.

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  1. The taste may be bad, but the art is brilliant. I wish a quarter of the art gallery previews I look at were as good as this. The crap they exhibit is unbelievably awful. And the prices!

  2. Yeah, I really do wonder about some of the crap being peddled. I wonder about those pushing it and those buying it.
    I like all sorts of bad art but I do have my limits ;-)

  3. I see you don’t cite a single woman amongst your ‘artists’, and present a spin off of Grand Theft Auto as ‘controversial’, so cutting edge, right? Have a good misogyny.

  4. That’s to annoy people like you Camilla.

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