Box of Love

I received a box of love in the post recently. It’s a cardboard box, painted by the abstract painter Franck de Las Mercedes, with a label that says “Handle with care, Fragile, Contains: LOVE”.

It’s from a project called the “Priority Boxes”, where Franck sends the painted boxes to anyone that requests one. The outside of the box is the canvas used to create the artwork, and as far as I know, there is nothing inside.

priority boxes - box of loveI didn’t open mine as I thought the love might escape. It’s tempting though, as the natural reaction to receiving a box in the post is to tear it open and see what’s inside. But with the Priority Box, the box is the finished product. So my box of love looks like it has traveled half way around the world (because it has) and the corners are a little banged up, but that’s all part of the message I guess.

The artist says “Sending it by mail starts a ripple effect that spreads the message from the very first change of hands at the post office, and continues through all the other people the boxes come across, until it reaches the recipient. Likewise, the boxes must be free, in order to reinforce and reminds us that things like hope are free.” Franck de Las Mercedes

The boxes contain all kinds of special things, like love, peace, faith, power, free will and truth. They are free to anyone that requests one from the artist. Just go to his “Priority Boxes” project page here. There’s currently a 2 to 3 week waiting period for a box. The project is supported by the sale of Handle With Care T-Shirts. See his website here.

Here’s a video of Franck de las Mercedes talking about his art boxes on the Latination television show..

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  1. Sheepoliinoo says:

    Hi, how long did u have to wait? I ordered one 5 mins ago :)

  2. That is really cool :)

  3. box of love? wow what is this?

  4. Sheepoliinoo, my box probably took a few weeks to arrive, but it was sent twice. There was a mix-up in the post and it was sent back to the artist. So I had to wait for it twice.

    I havent photographed mine yet as I have had camera problems.

  5. That is soooo kewl! How inspiring! A box that can contain any emotion that a person may need at the time. How neat! Thanks for sharing!

  6. that is a great idea, might try and get one myself

  7. Wicked idea!! I just signed up for one too :)

  8. I ordered a box because I too thought it was really cool and very thoughtful of Frank. It only took less than 2 wks to get it and I was excited to receive it. What a great marketing idea!! Plan to buy a t-shirt soon as my way of thanking Frank. (Wish I had thought of something like this!)tlml

  9. mmm….box of love. it is fantastic! I would like to get such too.

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