Brett Whiteley Painting a Fake

A painting signed by the Australian artist Brett Whiteley that was found in a Hobart rubbish tip recently has proven to be a fake. It had the Brett Whiteley signature and claimed to be painted in 1958.

The painting of a rodeo scene was examined experts at the Art Gallery of NSW and proven to be a recent work that has been artificially aged to make it seem original.

The artist’s wife, Wendy Whiteley said “It doesn’t take much to figure out it’s a fake. I don’t mean to sound cynical but the whole thing has the feeling of being a scam – how would even a very early Brett Whiteley end up on a tip in Hobart?”. She also said “The date is completely wrong for that kind of work. If it had said 1948 or 50, we might’ve contemplated it as being a childish work of Brett’s, but in 1958 he was painting things like Charlotte Lane, and in 1959 he won the Italian Government Traveling Scholarship, and the work was nothing like this.” See more at ABC.

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