Brett Whiteley Studio Free

Entry into the studio/museum of one Australia’s most famous artists will now be free. A partnership with JPMorgan and the Art Gallery of NSW has allowed the door fee to be taken away from the Brett Whiteley Studio in Sydney.

brett whiteley museum in sydney

Wendy Whiteley said to the SMH “I think the fascination with his story brings a lot of people in and then they become fascinated by the work. In my view Brett still stands … as one of the finest artists of his generation.”

Last time I made a trip to the Brett Whiteley studio was on a weekday, it took me about an hour of walking uphill to find the place, and then I found out that the place is only open on weekends! So, don’t go without a map and don’t assume that people walking around Surry Hills will know where the Brett Whiteley studio is!

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  1. How wonderful! :) I agree, alot of times it is the story behind the artist that draw’s people to view the art. Not all time though but some.
    Great post!

  2. I love the doorway and the matchsticks, and how much fun to go in and see his studio.Very interesting and compelling work.

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