Bush Football – Dinni Kunoth Kemarre

Mixing sport and art is a lot like mixing oil and water, jews and muslims, christians and atheists, or any other unlikely combination which doesn’t mix well. But like any generalization, it is often proven to be not entirely true. Sometimes a jew will marry a muslim, a christian will convert an atheist, and good art will be inspired by sport.

I think the sculpture of Dinni Kunoth Kemarre at the upcoming “Bush Football” exhibition (nothing to do with George W. or soccer) at the Mossenson Gallery, Melbourne proves me wrong; art and sport can mix.

aboriginal sculpture
Dinni Kunoth Kemarre
Footballer (Kangaroo)
acrylic on wood

Dinni Kunoth Kemarre sculpture
Dinni Kunoth Kemarre
Footballer (Bomber)
acrylic on wood

afl football sculpture
Dinni Kunoth Kemarre
Footballer (Bomber)
acrylic on wood

Bush Football will be on display at 41 Derby Street, Collingwood, Victoria, Australia from Tuesday 18 August until Saturday 5 September, 2009. Mossenson Galleries website.

Ps.. this post has nothing to do with religion.

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  1. ?religion?!
    I rther like both as subjects. Teh ancxient Hellenes certainly did, boxers, wrestlers and discuss thrower abound. Rousseau, Delauney, Boccioni and de Stael did footballers, though the last two abstracted. I have seveal times, and rather like my avatar, though his feet are cut off. Mike Tyson as preColumbian blood god fit rather well I thought, and had both subjects combined. And did football, divers, acrobats and basketball as well. Its a great subject I will get back to someday.Certainly lived it long enough.

    Dancers arent really athletic but a major physical movement them in modern art growing from Cezannes bathers. Artists should utlize it more, it is about extreme human achievement, but the physicalality of the human body in movement is an extremely beautiful and passionate thing, though almost as difficult a subject as eroticism. Difficult to keep from falling into illustration and kitsch. But worth the effort, when successful. Athleticism is pure, more than art is anyway, only roids and absurdly high tech swim suits ruining it. Both our countries guilty of developing them.

    Not bad stuff, but sport has become our religion in itself. Nothing has more electricity in the air than a bigtime college basketball game, or pageantry than football, American style. Artists should get beneathe the surface the markleting and see the beautiful of the human form again. As religion itself should be, art is about humanity, and what could be more basic to it than the concept of god? Ones own prejudices for or against should not deny truth. Art msut deal with this fundamental part of humanity, or lose its soul. As the materialism of the marketing of art has already done so, time to get back to basics. Who are WE. Not I. And god cannot be denied. Nor sports not enjoyed.

    Sorry about below, shit stirrer in me couldnt leave it alone, back to work. Like I dont know a little Latin, but just that, muy pequeno, remember less than my espanol. Historians gotta take a little, but was more interested in later Roman empire, Byzantine which switched to Greek after Rome fell to the Vandals and other Germans.


  2. Yeah, you do enjoy stirring the pot Donald.

    And I don’t think I’ll ever tackle sport as a topic.. not because I dont like to fail, but theyre also two very different ways of thinking. I’m a different person in an art gallery to the one I am at a sporting event. Which isnt a good excuse to not create art about sport, but theyre two boxes that I like to keep apart.

    And the shit stirrer in me now mentions all religions without capital letters as someone was complaining about their religion being mentioned without a capital letter at the beginning of it. We don’t start cults with capital letters, so why religions?

    Historical event are just as silly. As if to highlight the stupidity of us as a species we highlight our most ridiculous moments by starting them with capital letters.

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