Business Manager Frank Dunphy

ArtInfo caught up with Damien Hirst’s business manager on the phone recently. Frank Dunphy talked a little about the infamous diamond encrusted skull and the $100 million price tag.

He seemed a little tight lipped about the skull, but here’s a link to the Interview. The art world is such an opaque world. Imagine the chaos that would be created if the stock market worked like the art market! Not that I’m trying to say that the stock market is perfect.
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  1. A great article by Blake Gopnik that sums up this whole deal extremely well.

    “An Anatomy of Consumption”

  2. You shouldn’t be allowed to post more than one or two Damien Hirst posts per year. He can become boring very quickly.

  3. Ha! Yeah, I’ll try and not mention Damien Hirst again for at least the next few months anonymous!

    I’ll only mention his name again soon if he does something completely mind blowing!

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