Buying and Selling Art Online

ArtInfo has profiled five “Award-Worthy Web Galleries” that allow you to buy and sell work online. It’s a very mixed bunch, aiming at very different buyers/sellers, but they all seem worthy enough to mention.

  • PicassoMio gets the “Best of the Behemoths” award, which has more than 20,000 works by 2000 different artists worldwide.
  • WeHeartPrints wins the “Labor of Love” award, as it’s small, focused, and looked after by one person. (site no longer updated)
  • MixedGreens is awarded the “Best of Both Worlds” prize as it is both a bricks & mortar gallery and a gallery selling works online (I’m sure all bricks & mortar art galleries will eventually move to selling work online too.. even if they only offer small works online by their exhibiting artists.)
  • AltPhotos gets the “Three Cheers for Democracy” award, as it’s 12,000+ members are allowed to interact, comment, and sell their photos online. (site now closed)
  • Lumas wins the “Finest in Photos” award as it offers a great range of limited edition fine art photography.

There’s a lot more quality sites out there doing similar things. Here’s the full review over at ArtInfo.

Update: looking back over older posts on Art News Blog I’m surprised at how many art websites are no longer online. Art blog in particular seem to have a short life span.

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  1. With the weather changing, I like to search gallery sites online. I found a wonderful little gallery in Joseph Oregon a few years back and now I keep up with what is new with them and order new art and keep my collection rotating. I encourage you to visit and see what is new from Mark Kortnik and Carol McLaughlin today.

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