Canadian Painter Robert Genn Dies

canadian artist robert genn

Sad news for lovers of Canadian painter Robert Genn’s twice weekly newsletter. The artist passed away on the 27th of May. Robert mentioned his health issue in an October newsletter last year when he summed up his doctor’s verdict in 5 words: Pancreatic cancer–perhaps a year. I missed that newsletter, so hearing of his passing just now came as a shock. I never met the man in person but after ten years of reading his Painter’s Keys newsletter I’m going to miss him.

Way back in 2003 I asked Robert if he could answer a few questions and give me permission to publish a few of his paintings on my old website. From then on I have been subscribed to his arts newsletter. I didn’t always have time to read every letter as life sometimes got in the way but there would always be another one there for me next week. Robert’s writings became a part of my life and I’m thankful for all that he has shared over the years.

robert genn paintingsRobert Genn – October Song 2013

canadian landscape paintingRobert Genn – October LOTW II 2013

robert genn landscape paintingRobert Genn – Late Light on Storm Islet 2011

Canadian artist Robert GennRobert Genn – Grove with Yellow Green

robert genn self portraitRobert Genn – Self-Portrait with Emily Carr

Robert’s daughter Sara will take the reigns of Painter’s Keys and I wish her well with it. Here’s Robert’s response to the bad news and here’s Sara’s news of Robert’s passing.

Robert Genn
May 15, 1936 – May 27, 2014
Rest in Peace

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