Car Company Opel’s Animals Colliding Ad Campaign

opel car company ad campaign

I’m not sure this ad campaign by the German car maker Opel really works. I guess it works to some extent as it has prompted me to share it, which means it’s viral and is doing what it’s meant to (free advertising), but other than that, I’m not so impressed. Maybe I’m just getting old and losing my sense of humor, but I don’t find a cute little penguin stuck in the bum of a polar bear funny. The ad agency Scholz & Friends created the campaign to highlight the new forward collision alert feature on Opel vehicles and the joke is that animals don’t have this function.

Here’s a couple other cute and cuddly animals with cute and cuddly animals hanging out of their asses..

opel animal marketingHere’s a cheetah hanging out the rear end of a rhino.

car company opel advertisingRed deer giving birth to a red fox?

The German advertising company Scholz & Friends has worked with animals and Opel much more successfully when they were promoting something to do with headlights of the vehicles..

opel car advertisingDeer in the headlights.

opel pig campaignPig in the headlights. Now how much cooler does that look? It makes me want to interact with the ad, not turn away from it like the animal collision ads do.

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