Car Tire Sculptures by Yong Ho Ji

car tyre sculptures

Remember those old car tire swans that used to litter the yards of people everywhere? Well these car tire sculptures by South Korean artist Yong Ho Ji are nothing like them, these car tire sculptures are pretty cool. I can’t imagine it would be an easy medium to work with as tires would be difficult to cut and difficult to mold into shape but the artist makes them look effortless. Nice way to recycle too!

Here’s some of his sculptures..

lion car tire sculptureYong Ho Ji – Lion 7 – Used car tires

buffalo car tyre sculpturesYong Ho Ji – Buffalo 2 – Used tires

buffalo head tiresYong Ho Ji – Buffalo Head 2 – Used car tires

deer head sculptureYong Ho Ji – Deer Head 3 – Used car tyres

tire shark sculptureYong Ho Ji – Shark 11 – Used car tires

tire sculpture of manYong Ho Ji – Man 1 – Used tires

See more of the sculptor’s work at his website here. He works with more than just car tires.

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