Cartoonist David Rowe at the Hughes Gallery

political cartoonist david rowe

Editorial cartoonist for the Australian Financial Review, David Rowe is now showing at the Hughes Gallery in Surry Hills, Sydney. Rowe’s Labor Years is a look at the madness that is politics, with a focus on the Australian left. The only things good about politics are the political cartoons and David Rowe is one of Australia’s best, if not the best.

Just one more week and the insane circus of puppets and filthy liars will be back in their boxes when Australia votes on the 7th of September. I don’t watch much television or listen to the radio but I do try to keep an eye on what the disgusting monster called politics is doing to us.

As Australians, we have to vote or we’re fined, so I plan to just scrawl filthy obscenities all over my vote. I have connected too many dots to support a system that is designed to keep the masses sick, stupid and broke. Left, right, green, it doesn’t matter.

I feel a political rant coming on, so I will just stop here. Here’s some of the awesome political cartoons by David Rowe of the AFR.. you’ll have to be Australian to know the faces but you don’t have to be Australian to appreciate the art.

editorial cartoonist david rowe

Life Support by David Rowe. Shows Julia Gillard and Tony Abbott on life support with Kevin Rudd and Malcolm Turnbull waiting in the wings.

david rowe Misogynyst cartoon

Part Time Misogynist by David Rowe. Misogyny was Julia Gillard’s favorite word for a few weeks as the media loved it.

david rowe cartoon of kevin rudd

Rudd Coffin by David Rowe. The knifed Kevin Rudd biding his time before shoving the knife back into Julia Gillard.

david rowe cartoons

The Three Amigos by David Rowe. The two whores (main political parties) looking to pleasure three independents, Tony Windsor, Bob Katter and Rob Oakeshot.

david rowe cartoon

Abbott in the Powerbox by David Rowe. Tony Abbott and Julia Gillard.

See more details of the David Rowe exhibition at the Ray Hughes Gallery website here. The Australian Financial Review (AFR) also has an online gallery of more recent David Rowe editorial cartoons here.

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