Cartoonist Faces Prison for Blasphemy

Austrian cartoonist Gerhard Haderer may be facing prison time in Greece for blasphemy!. Haderer was not even aware that his satirical book was even published in Greece, but has received a summons to appear in an Athens court.
Haderer’s book of satirical religious illustrations called “The Life of Jesus” is now banned in Greece. He depicts Christ in comical situations, like having a drink with Jimi Hendrix and riding a surf board while stoned and naked.
I wonder if Greece still burns witches?
jesus cartoonist blasphemy

Cartoonist faces Greek jail for blasphemy
“It is unbelievable that a person can write a book in his home country and be condemned and threatened with imprisonment by another,” said Nikki Conrad, a human rights expert who organized yesterday’s press conference. “But he is not going to just sit back and accept this injustice. He is prepared to take this to the European court of human rights. When Gerhard first got the summons he thought it was a joke. But now he is starting to get a bit nervous.”

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  1. If the author had no knowledge that the book was published in Greece and it was not so published through any deliberate act of his own, how can there be any question of the intentionality that would have to be behind a definite act of blasphemy?

  2. Religion and sanity are two words that are rarely seen together. God is big enough and ugly enough to look after him or herself. God doesnt need Greece or any other fanatic to protect his name.

    Blasphemy is just another excuse for man to be violent towards man. It has nothing to do with God.

  3. did u notice that when someone criticises the holocaust it happens THE SAME THING, , how s it that u can paint a thing like this but u can t have a different opinion about an historical event??

  4. The Holocaust (no small “h”) is a provable historical event of less than 70 years ago for which there is not only numerous eyewitness testimont but the Nazis kept meticulous records, which they unsuccessfully tried to destroy at the end of World War Two because they knew that as the losers of the war they’d be prosecuted for their crimes. This documentation still exists. The German government does not deny the Holocaust happened and to this day the Nazi symbol is illegal in Germany. The German people don’t deny the Holocaust existed. Only people who weren’t even born yet in the 1940s deny the Holocaust happened. Religion, on the other hand, is thousands of years old and is based on hearsay at best as the holy books of various religions weren’t even written at the time the events they chronicle happened, but years afterwords. Some, like the New Testament, were inspired by earlier religions, like Mythraism which featured many of the same events as Christianity 2,000 years before Christ.

  5. I don’t see the connection with the holocaust and an artist facing blasphemy charges in Greece.

    I also dont see why we should capitlize words to do with history or religion as none of them have been worthy of putting a capital letter at the start of the word.

    I think they should simply be called shitty evil religion 1, shitty evil religion 2, shitty evil religion 3, and so on. Then shitty historial event 1, shitty historical event 2, and so on.

    Seriously, why do we have to keep bringing up the past as we DONT learn from mistakes anyway? If we were a species that learned from past mistakes we would have banned religion and flags long ago.. making war a thing of the past. But war is alive and well.. just as evil religions and patriotism thrives. The top 3 religions are the most evil religions currently in operation. None of them have anything to do with god.

    People are stupid, savage, and dangerous beasts. The sooner we admit to that fact, the sooner we can do something to change. Religion, patriotism, or whinging about past evils won’t help.

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