Cartoonist Michael Leunig on Palestine

cartoon on genocide of israel

Most of my social media friends are artists. Many are politically active and the smallest human rights violation anywhere in the world will see my social media news feeds quickly fill up with their pleas and protests. But when the insane Israeli regime dramatically increases the speed of their ethnic cleansing in Palestine, where children are savagely slaughtered day after day, my protesting friends go silent! The very few that I have seen speak up are quickly bombarded with all kinds of ludicrous accusations, so they learn not to say anything about the matter again. Thankfully, there are still a few great people left on this mad planet that continue to speak for the truth, that continue to hold onto their humanity and shine a light on the inhumane monsters who walk among us. Michael Leunig is one such artist who is not afraid to lock horns with the beast that is Israel.

He comments on all sorts of social, political and cultural matters. Here’s a few more cartoons by Leunig..

funny cartoonI can soooo relate to this one. Our society is self regulating to the extent that if anyone does remove themselves from the treadmill and finds real freedom and happiness, we’ll mock them.

leunig cartoon on freedom and chainsTypical response from a psychopath. And we already ARE born in chains.

australian cartoonist michael leunigMichael Leunig on graphs.

leunig on tv violenceTelevision violence. Conditioning monsters everywhere.

See more of the Australian cartoonist’s art and cartoons on his website here.

Update: Somebody said they couldn’t read the text properly in the Leunig Palestinian cartoon, so here it is..

  • First they came for the Palestinians and I did not speak out because I was not a Palestinian.
  • Then they came for more Palestinians and I did not speak out because I feared hostility and trouble.
  • Then they came for even more Palestinians and I did not speak out because if I did, doors would close to me, hateful mail would arrive, bitterness and spiteful condemnations would follow.
  • Then they came for more and more Palestinians and I did not speak out because by then I had fallen into silence to reflect upon the appalling, disgraceful and impossible aspects of human nature.

And yes it’s a play on the famous poem by pastor Martin Niemöller..

First they came for the Socialists, and I did not speak out—
Because I was not a Socialist.

Then they came for the Trade Unionists, and I did not speak out—
Because I was not a Trade Unionist.

Then they came for the Jews, and I did not speak out—
Because I was not a Jew.

Then they came for me—and there was no one left to speak for me.

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  1. You do realize that the Palestinians are coming for the Jews?

  2. I live in Israel. I wish there would be no violence.
    However, in the past week I’ve had rockets fired towards here six times (I think. I’ve lost count) and had to run to a safe spot. I’m in central Israel, in southern Israel they have rockets much more often.
    Let them stop firing rockets and wanting to kill every last one of us and we’ll be happy to leave them alone.
    In the meantime we will defend ourselves as necessary, trying to minimise civilian deaths as much as possible.
    We left gaza a good few years ago, and have since gotten barrages of rockets in return.

    • It’s hard to have any sympathy for you Rachel while the Hamas firecrackers are scaring people in Israel and the Israeli weapons of mass destruction have killed more than 200 people. These are real people being slaughtered.

      You left Gaza as an open air prison camp, lets be honest.
      You should be angry at your government. People around the world are slowly waking up to the crimes against humanity it commits on a daily basis and they’ve had enough. Our retarded western governments and lamestream media still parrot support but most ordinary decent people have had enough of the killing and inhumane treatment that Israel commits.

  3. Palestinian death toll currently above 340.
    More than 80% civilians.
    More than 2000 injured.
    Sympathy for Israel? NONE!! The government should be taken down and all tried for crimes against humanity.

  4. Michael says:

    You sad, sad, miserable pathetic brainwashed fool.

  5. Why are you even trying to talk about a topic you know absolutely nothing about ?
    I am not talking about local Australian problems (whatever they are), or the issues of Aboriginal people, or whatever – because I have no idea about Australia and its issues.
    Why every ignorant person in the world pretends to be an expert on a 100-years old issue ?
    Do you even know a little history ? Have you read any book on the topic ?
    Or the websites and news sites are enough for your education ?
    Why don’t you try to educate yourself first on the topic and then share your intelligent opinion with the world ?

    • Not only do I read John or Michael (make up your mind which name you want to use.. you can’t just keep changing your name to make it look like you’re several different people) but I also think for myself. Something you have failed to do. Go watch some more tv.

      • Fuck you says:

        Hahaha, good advice!
        TV is the real source for people like you, idiot.

        • Last alias I’m allowing John, Michael, etc (all one person). I just wanted to allow it through to show how ignorant you are.
          If tv was my source I would be cheering for Israel’s ethnic cleansing program. I don’t watch the box of lies.

    • ps.. I’m not posting anymore of your aliases. Stick to the one name and I’m happy to post your lies, but you’re changing your name each time to make it look like different people are saying the same stupid things.

  6. I’m also not posting your “f you” alias comments. Like I said, I’m happy to post your comments, I’m not censoring you, you just have to be civil. Something your government has proven time and time again that it CAN’T do.

    If you disagree with something I say, then attack the issue. That’s what someone with a real argument would do.

    • Michael says:

      Real arguments ? Sure. Simple questions:
      1) What was the last book that you read on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict ?
      2) Do you reject the fact that Hamas is trying to hurt as many civilians as possible in Israel which constitutes war crimes ? (Please no arguments like “they have a right to do it because of blah blah blah). No one has a right to deliberately target civilian population, no matter what their reasons are.
      3) Do you reject the fact that Israel has accepted cease fire but Hamas rejected it.
      4) Do you believe it’s a lie that Israel completely left Gaza in 2005 ? (This is documented in thousands of sources).
      5) Do you believe it’s a lie that Israel tries to warn people before airstrikes ?
      (This is also documented by every possible source on Earth).
      6) If so, how does this amount to ethnic cleansing ? Wouldn’t it be easier to just wipe out Gaza completely ?
      7) Do you know that the official Hamas stance is to kill every last Jew in Israel until its complete and total annihilation ? If so, does this constitute genocide, clear and simple ? If so, why do you support this genocide ?

      • I’m going out for the day, so I’ll probably respond later tonight. Just quickly though, the last book was by Norman Finkelstein: This Time We Went Too Far: Truth and Consequences of the Gaza Invasion.

        And to be honest, I wish knew nothing about Israel and Palestine, but Israel insists on taking more and more land and more and more innocent lives, so I can’t leave the issue alone.

      • Michael, congrats, you put on your big boy pants and actually tried to address the issue. People are tired of the same old attack the messenger strategy. It might have worked well there for a while, and maybe it still does for a few weak people, but really, if you cared about these issues and you obviously do, then you would stop trying to bully people out of criticizing the criminal regime that you’re supporting. You should read the start of my post again. You did exactly what I said people like you do to scare people away from the issue.

        I admire your persistence though. You could have just run away after I stopped allowing your offensive comments through. I feel for all life and hope you keep safe from the firecrackers, but right now, while the murders continue, while the genocide continues, I have no sympathy for Israel. I just hope the world stops her before she takes out the rest of the Palestinians.

        And the whole Israel-Palestine is not complicated. All people have to know is colonialism is no longer cool. It stopped being cool a century or two ago. Obviously Israel hasn’t received the memo though as she continues to build illegal settlements on stolen Palestinian land. How would you feel if I came into your house and told you that I now own your house, you can have one bedroom but I own the rest? Or what if I just bulldozed your house down? I know Rachel Corrie doesn’t like Israeli bulldozer drivers and neither do I.

        Anyway, your questions.
        1) The Finkelstein book that I mentioned above, but I don’t believe in any one source or any one way of thinking. Man is very good at deception. History, the news, media, politicians, all lies. I take everything with a grain of salt, no matter who is telling the story.

        2) I reject Hamas, period, full stop. If they would stop firing their little pea shooters into the air it would force the world to come down hard on the criminal Israeli regime. But what do you expect them to do? What would you do? And I believe Israel would spin her lies to justify her violence whether Hamas fired their pea shooters or not. Israel needs Hamas to keep letting off their fireworks so that your Nutty prime minister can keep killing children while the world watches on.

        3) I don’t believe anything Israel says. She lies. I read somewhere that Hamas learned about the ceasefire arrangements through the media.. what sort of consultation is that? Regardless though, how many dead Palestinian babies is enough for Israel?

        4) Israel created an open air prison camp. It’s inhumane and the country should be punished by the world for its actions.

        5) So it’s okay to kill someone if you tell them you’re going to kill them? Where have they got to run? Do you hear how callous you’re being? These are real people Michael, with as much right to live as you or I. They’re not simply things that Israel can blow to bits whenever it feels like it.

        6) I’m sure the Israeli government would love to wipe the Palestinian people out in one go, but not even our corrupt governments and media companies in the west would go along with that one. So they do it over several generations with the occasional massacre every few years.

        7) I don’t care what Hamas ‘says’ but I do know what Israel is DOING right now! They are committing genocide!!!

        • Do you seriously think I will continue discussion with the opposite side that uses the following arguments (in the order of appearance):

          “I believe Israel would spin her lies to justify her violence”
          “your Nutty prime minister can keep killing children”
          “I don’t believe anything Israel says. She lies.”
          “I’m sure the Israeli government would love to wipe the Palestinian people out in one go”
          “They are committing genocide!!!”

          So, anything your opponent says will be obviously dismissed as “Israeli lies” (you are sure Israel always lies, how else), criminal regime propaganda (because it’s criminal, of course), genocidal maniacal ambitions (you are sure that our Nutty government would love to wipe the Palestinian people out – no proof is required here, it’s so obvious) etc etc.

          And check out your map. When it says “Palestine” it’s actually
          a geopolitical entity under British administration, carved out of Ottoman Southern Syria. Not sure how this belonged to any Arab nation. And precisely because of this, UN has decided to split it almost evenly (more land to Arabs) between Jews and Arabs.
          And Jews accepted this division. But your brethren started a war the next day with the sole purpose of killing all the Jews.
          But they’ve lost this war. And then they started another war and lost again. And another war, and lost again. And yet another war and lost again.
          Don’t pretend that they are weak and powerless. Syria, Egypt and Jordan – all millions of them tried to wipe Israel off the map. But they couldn’t. They just keep losing.
          And for 70 years they continue to lose and teach their children to HATE instead of teaching them to build, create and love peace. And this is what children are taught in Israel. And stop with your bullshit about the lies. You don’t tell me what happens in Israel and you don’t tell me how we bring up our kids. You’ve never even been there.
          Go visit, then you may decide for yourself and speak up. Until then – you have no right to tell me about “lies”.

        • And yeah, their “little pea shooters” yesterday killed an Israeli Arab.
          So, I guess for this poor man it was not so much a “pea shooter” after all. Don’t you have a little moral compass left to at least not to use these pathetic excuses.

          • Yeah, we’re not really getting anywhere. We value life differently so we’re never going to agree. That’s okay though, we both made our views known. Let’s leave it at that.
            However peace comes, I hope it comes soon.
            Cheers ;-)

  7. Looks like the comments section fulfilled the prophecy of getting trolled for standing up to Israeli aggression. What did Gandhi say? First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win. Pretty much.

    • Yeah, they’re so predictable! I also had the announced un-likes and un-subscribes, more comments that I just deleted, and some not so friendly emails.
      All they taught me was to mention the criminal regime of Israel more often!
      Palestinian murders: 438 last time I checked.

  8. Ok, so if you wanted peace in Israel/Palestine you wouldn’t start from here… But here is where we are. And there are extremists on both sides who will never “capitulate”. But there are also people on both sides who long for a just peace, and a just peace is the only hope there is – if it ain’t just then it won’t be peace.

    So the question is how to get the people who want this peace into a position where they can start to work towards it. Israel is doing a good job of alienating its supporters in the west. Is Hamas doing as good a job on its friends?

    • Tim, I listen to what people Do more than what they Say. All Israel tells me, by listening to what she does, is she doesn’t want peace, she wants more blood spilled and more stolen land. How much land does she want? It would be interesting to see where the borders of Israel are in 50 years time if she’s allowed to continue her belligerent ways. All I can say is I would hate to be her neighbour. A country couldn’t ask for a worse neighbour than Israel.
      Someday, hopefully soon, western countries will say enough is enough, the killing must stop, the expansion must stop! Israel has proven again and again that she can’t be trusted with her weapons of mass destruction and they should be taken from her. There’s no humanity in her actions and the government should pay a very high price for its crimes.

  9. Here’s a visual..


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